What You Do in January in a Cold Marina

View of the Sunset from the Marina

Deborah knitting on the boat in the marina

Now that the cold weather is here this is what you do, sit and knit. It is now to cold to sit outside in the cockpit for any extended period of time but we can still come down for the weekend and enjoy being here. Here is Deb sitting under a bunch of blankets knitting on the boat. Surprised she doesn’t have on her mittens and ear muffs but we did get the heater working this summer, thank goodness.

There will be warmer days but we still had a nice weekend down on the boat. Once again we were treated to wonderful sunsets, right off the transom but it was a little to cold to go outside and do much. What I should be doing right now is getting a list of all the things I want to do on the boat when it gets warmer but who can get motivated in this cold.

We did take several trips over to the beach where I could do some much needed walking and DK could knit, in the shelter of our tent. Photos of that will be coming soon, pictured above are two shots I took with my iPhone, not bad for a phone camera.  The first is of Deborah of course, knitting on the boat in the heat, the second was taken from the cockpit, both with my camera phone.

Colorado in September and It's 23 Degrees

Frozen car in Colorado in September

This image was taken just a few days ago. YES, these two photos were taken on September 25th, in Creede, Colorado. Not the most photographic images I know, but we went up to visit some family in Colorado and froze to death in just a few days. The fall weather in this part of Colorado can be brutal, and the winter just miserable. Being from the south, cold is what it gets for two days in February when it gets below 40 degrees, here, at the 9,000 foot level, it gets to be -30*F in the winter, and just plain cold in the fall.

At this elevation, temperatures are well below freezing long before the rest of us even know fall is near. It is one of the most beautiful parts of the country, and the most unforgiving and harsh as well. The Aspens were in full yellow fall colors, frost and all.

The temp shown above was actually quite warmer than it was in the car. The car read 19.3*F as I took this photo. Just two long days in the car and we were back in the fall in the south, a cool 92*, ahhhh, we can almost turn off the air conditioning now.  The first image is the car, and again, this is September, and the next is of course my loving wife Deborah, showing me how much she loves to be sitting in a frozen car instead of sitting in the Florida Keys.

Deborah in the frozen car

Cold Colorado Fall