This Week’s Project 365 with Sunset Over the Fillmer Farm

Sun Setting Over the Pasture
Sun Setting Over the Pasture on the Fillmer Farm
Wow yet another week has come and gone. This is my weekly Project 365 post which includes a week where we had our kids and grandkids out to visit from Colorado and go to do a quick family photo shoot one afternoon. The images below are the chosen images for Day 223 through Day 229. You can see the entire shoot on Flickr at

My favorite shot again this week was a sunset (above), which ended up being a little similar to last week but not. I love sunsets, and this one came right after a heavy summer rain shower when the sun peeked just below the clouds. The shot above was taken with my iPhone 4S, a camera that continues to amaze me each week. We finally started to get some rain in our area and this week was one afternoon shower after another. Hard to complain about the rain when we have been in a drought for so long, but it did make for some very hot and humid days, something our family from Colorado thought was a little less than pleasant. I love how different each week’s photos turn out in this project, next week is sure to be more of the same… different.

This Week's Project 365 with Sunset Over Toomer's Drugs Auburn

Project 365 [Day 221] Sun Setting Over Toomer's Drugs in Auburn
Sun Setting Over Another Day on Toomer’s Drugs in Auburn
Another week of 2012 is just about over, can’t believe it. I usually work on my Project 365 posts on Saturday afternoon and today I just decided to post the week below. The images below are the chosen images for Day 216 through Day 222. You can see the entire shoot on Flickr at I started doing this a while back in a post series called Saturday Summary when I started looking back at each week through the photos I took. I haven’t posted in that series in a while, but decided to resurrect it for today.

I took this shot above with my iPhone as we walked back to the car from dinner over at Five Guys. It doesn’t always work, but I love shooting directly into the sun, mainly because not many people do it because it way over exposes the shot, but here it worked. I love this section of Auburn, there isn’t much down here on college that isn’t more Auburn than Toomer’s Corner. I had a few people ask me about the full high res version of this image, so I just decided to post it here as Sun Setting Over Toomer’s Drugs in Auburn (high res version). You are welcome to download it from that page, please don’t sell it.

That shot above reminds me how close it is to football season now and that first game at the Georgia Dome on September 1st. The weeks do go by so fast. War Eagle.

Outtake Photos from the Week of July 10th :: Saturday Summary

I love how different every single week of life is, even if you work from home and rarely leave, each week presents it’s own challenges and smiles. I LOVE my nephews smile in the photo above. This is such a typical summer afternoon for a 5 year old in Alabama. This short recap of the week below saw everything from a wedding to meetings on multisite and church planning to rain. I find the more I make the effort to actually carry my camera with me the more I remember about what actually did happen throughout the week. One of my favorite shots from the last 7 days besides my Nephew Isaac is from the wedding I shot last weekend in Opelika. The shot below where she is walking out the door of the church is almost mesmerizing to me. It’s like she is walking out of the church and into heaven. The huge difference in light between the inside and outside of the front of the church makes for, to me, a great blend of blown out light and minute detail (see more details on Flickr).

One more week here in Auburn before our team leaves for Uganda so after that I’m not sure what my blog posts will look like. The camera shot of the camera, a Fujifilm Finepix x100, below is something I got for my trip to Uganda. This is my first small compact camera I have ever owned, and I hope it’s worth it since I traded in two of my Nikon camera bodies to get it (although one was a film camera and I’m not sure I still count that one). For those x100 enthusiest out there you can follow x100 pics from the x100 tag from now on. Have a great weekend everyone.

Photographic Week in Review of Outtakes :: Saturday Summary

I started thinking about all the photos I take during the week that never see the light of day. They could be photos on my phone or when I haul around my DSLR (which is most places right now until I find a suitable replacement for everyday stuff like the x100), but most get archived and are never seen from again. This odd collection of photos has nothing in common with the other except they all took place within the last 7 days. I’m calling this gallery a “Saturday Summary” and just including a hodge-podge of 5-10 photos from the previous week. These in this post are from July 2nd to July 9th, which included a weird set of images from stuff like the one rain we actually got in Auburn to the Cow Appreciation Day photos for Chick-fil-a my sister wanted of my nephews (which could be the cutest photo ever even if I do say so).

Call me strange but I love looking at the week in photos. It’s just a narrow frozen piece of time in the normal routine of daily life, something photographers rarely covered years ago, but something we now have the ability to document quickly, easily, and in great high quality. It may be the product of our age or culture, and it also may be just too much in general, but I would love to have seen photos of everyday life from my grandfather’s house, or great-grandfather.

The Late-Late Edition of Friday Feet

So this is still Friday for another 5 minutes, meaning I just did get this post in before it would be totally irrelevant… well maybe that’s already the case anyway, but after reading my rss feeds tonight I realized I hadn’t finished this post. This week has been so busy, or maybe just off kilter a bit, and this coming week seems to be shaping up to be about the same. I never did seem to get any time to get out and shoot at all. I felt like I spent most of the week in my car driving back and forth between the house, Auburn, Columbus, work, etc, and any photos ended up being either in the car or in the house. It was a draining week to say the least. Finally today around 4pm the troubles of the week felt like they faded into the past after reading 2 Corinthians 12:7 when Jesus said to Paul “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” That was an amazing statement to me. Paul was praying that God would take away the thorn in his side and He basically tells Paul no, but, my power resides in you, and is perfect just the way it is. Not sure why that stuck with me today but it did, and I’m thankful.

One cool thing I accomplished this week was to get some prints ordered (photo #3 in line above) and they arrived today. So what you say. Well this is probably the first time in 20 years I have had 4-6 prints made just to put on my own wall. As a photographer one of the great joys of photography is getting to see the finished product, I just wish I had been getting prints made for the last 20 years, a little at a time, but I just never had the time or the money. This year I was determined not to put off stuff like that and it only took me until July to get them ordered. The frames I bought in June 2009 and have been sitting on my floor, literally collecting dust, since I brought them home. Now all I have to do is get them up on the wall. Hopefully I can get that done before the holidays show up.

Planning for my July Uganda trip is in full swing, we will be leaving one month from tomorrow. I can’t believe it’s only 4 weeks before our team leaves for Africa and there seems to be so much left to do before we leave. I am still trying to raise money for both this trip and the October trip so if you are willing to help fund our mission team please check out the details here or you can just make an online donation here. I really really appreciate all those who have given so far, it really does means a lot to me and to our whole team. Trying to prepare all my photography gear to be hauled halfway across the world is a little overwhelming but it’s coming along. I just about have everything put together at this point minus two lenses. One, a used 20mm prime I should have in the next week or two, hopefully, the other (an older classic from Nikon, their 80-200mm) seems to be a total long shot at this point, but who knows. I am really looking forward to the trip, can’t wait to see God at work through so many people.

Crazy Week to the Renewing of Friday Feet

I want to start off this post by apologizing to my rss readers, my twitter followers, and whoever else I annoyed when my blog blew up as my database structures got corrupted this week. As usual when dealing with code, something that took about 15 seconds to go wrong took two days to correct, but now we are up and running again.

After evaluating my “photo of the day” on Tumblr I concluded it was better served just posting everything here on my blog, and I will start off with picked back up on my Friday Feet posts from back in September of 2010. Today the photos come from none other than our local Hobby Lobby, and all the photos here were taken with my iPhone. Sometimes I just really like the every day routine photos of life. Many times we don’t take photos of just every day life, but that’s where we spend most of our time in life. In our house we are adjusting to a new normal, so anything is worthy of a photo at this point.

Along with a crazy busy week, today at Cornerstone we celebrated the life of Connie Wright. Connie loved the Lord, and she gave this love to those people she came into contact with every day. I didn’t know her well but she was always thrilled to see me every time I came in the doors of the church for work. It was a celebration of who she was and the glory of her new home. Another reminder of how short our time on this side of eternity really is, and how important it is to spend our time wisely.

Top 15 Stars of the Week, December 3

This was a busy week for me and I didn’t get much posting done but my reader subscriptions were busy as ever. Looks like my feeds to a big jump this week to 498 feeds, but there were several added that were in a specific niche market for a website I am developing.

If you are not familiar with this list, each Monday morning I create a list of the top 15 posts from my reader from last week. You can see the entire list from the footer in the center where it says “starred items”. I am going to get right to the list since there were so many good articles posted last week.

Top 15 21 Stars of the week of Nov 26th to Dec 3rd

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