Foggy Spring Meadow of Funnel Spider Webs in Morning Dew

Funnel Web Spider in Dew

Funnel Web Spider in Dew

Funnel Web Spider in Dew

Last Thursday we had a convergence of sorts in Auburn where super high humidity came in and stayed overnight, leaving us with thousands upon thousands of Funnel Spider webs on the ground. The common Funnel Web spiders derives its name from the unique webs it spins. The Funnel Web spider kills garden pests, but the bite of this common spider is harmless to humans.

After receiving a few texts and messages on Twitter to get out there and shoot some of these I did, but I didn’t have to go far, just down my driveway. The last image on this set you can see the funnel where the spider was sitting, not wanting to come out and see my camera. I love the beauty God creates in nature, there is just always something new and changing for us to see.

Photo of Spiderweb in Fog Shows Delicate Beauty

Spider Web in Early Morning Dew

Fog in Alabama Summer

What a busy weekend it was this past week. Being a holiday weekend with the 4th of July on a Friday it was just a little chaotic but all tranquility of a Monday has returned. I think I would have to qualify a Monday or Tuesday in January or February as the most tranquil, but this one will do.

For those of us in the south, the summer bring little rest from the heat but a rare foggy morning is one of those reprieves for July. We have been in a horrible drought for the last few years and this summer has proven to be more of the same, except a few mornings where fog blankets the grass and trees.

Our tree swing has quickly become one of my favorite places to eat breakfast and today, it wasn’t cool, but it wasn’t hot either. I took the photo of the tree swing about 5:30am right out my bed room window, and by the time I grabbed a bowl of cereal most of the fog had burned off, but still left a quiet misty pasture to look at while I ate.

The spider webs I just love early in the morning. They are transformed into some pearly design only nature can create. Now as I write this post, it is full blasting sun at what feels like 95* or higher. Guess if we didn’t have the heat the cool foggy mornings would get boring, but I don’t think so.

Photographing Spiderwebs in the Rain

If you are new to this blog, this is my daily image of the day post. I try to do this as a daily post of a photo I have taken at one point or another, as often as I can. Today is a favorite photography subject of mine, just because they are usually very cooperative when you are going to take their photo. Unlike people whom always seem to fidget, spiders are only interested in something when it hits their web.

I would have preferred to take this from the other side but it just wasn’t possible that particular day. I still love the detail in the web itself.

Macro Photography of a Spider Web in Morning Dew

Spider Web in Morning Dew

Something about spiders and spider webs makes for some neat subjects. Add a little morning mist or dew and they really light up.  Macro photography is something I really like as well, and the combination of dew on the web and its size made for a great macro photography opportunity. This image of the day wasn’t one that I had to travel real far to take, just went to the back yard. Not to say it didn’t take a little setup, but it was nice to be able to take a shot like this so close to the house.

I took several different versions of this image, this one is one of my more favorite, using a flash. A flash on a subject like this is what makes the background black. Without the flash, you end up with some color in the background, in this case, it was green from the trees, but I like the way the black isolates the subject.

Taking a photograph of a spider web can be lots of fun when you see the results, but shoot many different angles and options, they are not as easy to see on film as one might think. Another good way to photograph spiders or spider webs is using the sun’s angle at first light or last light when you can get some nice color reflecting on the web. Click here If you would like to see more Macro Photography across all photography subjects or Photographing Spiderwebs in the Rain.

Image Specifics

  • Body – Nikon n90s
  • Lens – Nikon 105mm Macro
  • Film – Kodak E-100S