Nothing Motivates Writing Like a New Theme Design Twenty Twelve Theme Design Twenty Twelve Theme Design

I know to non-bloggers, writing a blog post about blogging is a kin to photographers talking about equipment (which we love to do), but to the rest of the world, it’s… boring… that is unless you love photography, or in this case blogging. If you know WordPress, their mantra is Code is Poetry, and maybe that’s why I love their coding.

Funny thing is, I find more people interested in new theme designs than I find people interested in writing on their blogs so go figure. I really try not to change themes too often, and Google doesn’t like it all that much either, but this time my last highly customized premium them, called Portfolio by WordPress only lasted about 3-4 months (see scalability issue below).

It’s Not the Theme It’s the Content

I’m not really sure why this is, but it seems to be true, even though I refute the notion when asked. I hear it all the time… if I just had a new, fresh, nice looking, well designed, custom coded, update to my blog, I would write more. And every time I hear that, my response is always the same. If you don’t write on your blog when it’s ugly-ish your not going to write on your blog when it’s beautiful. The phrase amongst websites and blogs that “content is king” has been true for years, and will remain true for all foreseeable futures of Internet knowhow. There is just nothing that makes up for good content. If you doubt this, just check out three of the worst designed websites on the Internet; Craigslist, Drudge Report, and Reddit, who are also some of the highest traffic sites on the Internet.

Still, every time I update my theme (which I try not to do very often), I get reinvigorated and excited about my blog. I still think my advice holds true, forget your design and just start posting good content and the design will works it’s way in. If you are in the habit of producing high quality, consistent content already, a new theme will be even more invigorating.

The New Twenty Twelve WordPress Theme

Some of the most versatile website designs today are from WordPress. I have written on them many times before so I won’t repeat that here, but if you have that strong desire to change designs like you change Facebook profile pics, WordPress is for you, at least theme wise. For the first time, I have gone with a custom design of a default WordPress theme from the guys over at Automattic, called Twenty Twelve, so this them I used here is available to anyone with a WordPress blog.

My top priorities when it comes to design are readability, typography, clarity, customization, scalability to move from one design to another, and a design that will fade into the background allowing the images and writing to take over, and Twenty Twelve hit these requirements quite well. This new them has one thing my previous theme didn’t have, the ability to move on to the next theme. The greater the customization, the harder it is to move on to the next code.

Twenty Twelve, launched on August 28, 2012, this theme is now going to sit as the WordPress default theme, an update to their “Twenty something” series of themes. It uses a new typography from Google (Open Sans), which is one of the most readable sets they have produced. If you have a WordPress blog, check it out, but you might already be using the theme and just didn’t know it. Thanks for another great theme WordPress. In my relentless desire to find the cleanest, minimalist theme design, you have brought me one step closer to perfection, at least in my mind.

Learning New CSS Stylesheets, Themes, and Design Code

I neglected by blog posts this weekend and instead opted for a new design, look, or fell, or whatever. I was trying to consolidate some older pages, and make it a little easier to get around the information I have posted already.  I am still putting the finishing touches on some of the graphics but you get the idea now. I would love to hear what you think about the new design, what can be improved or changed. This is a busy week coming up, our new study over at the Damascus blog is starting in Romans and will be posted on Tuesday.

Learning to Use a Stylesheet and PHP

Over time I have had to learn how to use a CSS or Stylesheet and some basic PHP.  As I have leaned more and more code I have found a bit of freedom to be able to change and adjust things to be exactly the way I want them to be, and in the process be able to mess things up as well.  I would really recommend learning as much code as you possibly can, over time, it will be invalueble to you since everything runs on code.

The Weekend is Here, Time to Get Ready for a Little Polka

This seems like it was a very long week, but the weekend is here. I was able to get quite a bit of work done this past week and next week will be an extremely busy week with the National Polka Festival in Texas. This past few days, in my spare time, I have been trying to work on developing a blog for the worship leader of our church. Each step seems to be a slow process to me, but progress is being made. I discovered this week that I have never really been able to combine my three favorite passions, faith, music, and photography, into the same place at the same time.

This gave me the chance to do that. Wednesday I was able to do some photography at the church while the band practiced, it was great. I have started to get a few graphics for the site uploaded, and one working banner so far. I love doing this kind of work and if I could work with images, music, and matters of faith all day I probably would. Still work to be done over there but I like the way it is coming around. I have nothing to do with the content at all, so pay Brian a visit and leave a few comments over there.

The Rest of the Weekend

The rest of my weekend is probably going to consist of yard work, but maybe I will be able to get some blogging of my own accomplished. I had to revert back to my old theme after going through, what was to me, some terribly written wordpress code. Still not totally happy with this theme but I have no time to mess with it now.

Hope everyone’s weekend is an enjoyable one.

Cardiovascular Walking Continues and a New Theme

Today was one of those days where you get a lot done, but not necessarily in the places you intended when you got up. I started off as I normally do checking my email and rss reader and came across an email that I meant to look at regarding a new theme.

Of course, it was something I had been looking for, for a while now. Something that could showcase a few photographs and a little more graphic based than the other one. So, I stared coding the customizations to the new theme and once you get into the code, then you see how long it will take. This one was not the easiest code to customize, but it works for now. So, I hope you like the new theme across all my blogs. Comments are welcome.

I did manage to get in a little guitar practice and some walking. Not my full 4 miles, but I did get some walking in today. Deborah received her Birthday present from my mom today, a beautiful new double budding rose (red) and some planting dirt. Her birthday is Wednesday but it needed sunlight.  Last on the list today is to watch Dancing With the Stars tonight. If you don’t watch this particular show, it is one of the only shows we actually watch on national TV, but Deborah is quite the dancer and we do enjoy watching the competition.

Theme Change

Purchased Revolution WordPress Theme, We Will See I Guess

Today started off productive and early with work on my editor blog and a few images. I am almost finished now copying all my images over to my new HDD and I can’t wait until the last disc is copied tomorrow. I think I have now copied about 300-400 GB’s of images over form disc. Interesting that these discs are about 5-6 years old now and have already started having error issues, which I will post about on my business blog once I am finished.

The majority of the morning was spent getting all our eBay, Amazon, and various miscellaneous orders together for tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a long day with many stops to make and first on the list is to get the orders out.

What’s in a Theme, Revolution

I spent some of the afternoon completely updating all of my blogs to a new theme by Brian Gardner. It wasn’t really a new one, but an update to a set of themes he uses called Revolution. You can read more about it in his post, A Revolutionary Free Blog Theme, but he some other great themes as well. I was finally able to integrate all my 5 main blogs into one design and I think it is much cleaner and work well. In fact, it worked so well I couldn’t tell the difference between my business blog and all the others so I have the title of each at the top left corner of each individual blog.

Nature in View

I was able to get in a very quick walk today and saw the normal hawk flying overhead. We did have a new visitor to our feeder today, a Rose-breasted Grosbeak. My book said they were pretty rare down here (or up here for them), but we are in their habitat area. Have never seen one before, a very pretty bird.

rose-breasted grosbeak

We have had some crazy humming birds this year too, but they are usual visitors and they almost seem like pets the way they fight over the feeder.

Changing Your Blog Sometimes Means a New Theme

New SEO WordPress ThemeWell, as I usually do, I have moved on to another theme (called fallseason) that I think better fits my blog and content. Although a majority of my posts are related to ham radio I do have many other interests like photography and small business, and I wanted to move to a design that was a little cleaner and one that I could customize a with different topics over time.

I also wanted to have a design that was a little more Firefox friendly since that is the browser many bloggers use (including me). Much of my research for online stores or resource utilization comes from many different SEO sources like some of those from SEObook, Blogoscoped, and several more . To have your site seen by others you not only need good content, links, updates, design, but you also need to employ good SEO techniques and I will post some of my findings here if I find them to be of interest to my readers (of course theoretically that should be anyone who is interested in promoting their website).

In the mean time, I hope you like the new layout. If you have any comments please post them below.