Taking God Out of the Box With U2

I am continually amazed at what boxes we tend to put God in over and over again.  I am reading this amazing book called Chasing Francis by Cron about Francis of Assisi and it has been a true eye opener to see how many different places Francis found God that we (I) have disregarded in our sophisticated and technologically advanced society today.  The box we put God in on Sunday mornings is a way for us to make sure we don’t experience God’s fullness through the rest of the week.

A few days ago I read this passage and thought about the different ways we think God can or can’t talk to us.  It has to be the right location, the right time, place, attitude, do’s or don’ts, with or without’s, but those are limits we put on God, not the other way around.

A few years ago I went to a U2 concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City, just three months after 9/11.  Most of us in the arena that night probably knew someone who’d died in the Twin Towers; we’d lost three people in our church alone.  I’ll never forget the end of the concert.  As the band played the song “Walk On,” [lyrics] the names of all those who had died were projected onto the arena walls and slowly scrolled up over us, and then up toward the ceiling.  At that moment the presence of God descended on that room in a way I will never forget.  There we were, twenty-five thousand people standing, weeping, and singing with the band.  It suddenly became  a worship service; we were pushing against the darkness together.  I walked out dazed, asking myself, “What on earth just happened?’ Of course, it was the music.  For a brief moment, the veil between this world and the world to come had been made thin by melody and lyric.  If only for a brief few minutes, we were all believers.

We may look and listen for God in the “normal” places, but He is present in His creation… birds, music, paintings, literature.  Maybe we don’t hear God outside of Sunday morning “church” because we aren’t looking at his entire creation.

Giving Up Social Networking for Lent on Ash Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday on the Christian calendar and popular belief around the Internet seems to mark this as a Catholic observation, but it really has nothing to do with Catholicism other than the fact that many Catholics observe Ash Wednesday and Lent.  Ash Wednesday marks the first day of Lent, which is 46 days before Easter (40 days if you do not include Sunday’s), and typically the ritual is to give up something for Lent.  The common trend online as of late seems to be for high profile online personalities to give up their blogs, twitter, facebook, and whatever online area that takes up their time.

Depending on your situation and circumstances this may be a good thing if and when it is done for the right reasons, but I suddenly got a pressing feeling that because they did this, others should follow.  As I read the details of each individual’s reasons I do understand why each person who chose this for their online life, but what if the online world has now become a way of life, and not something that distracts from life?  To take it a step farther.  A sin in one person’s life is not necessarily a sin in another person’s life.  So where someone may be consumed by their online lifestyle, and that lifestyle leads them away from the Lord, others may thrive in that area and be brought even closer through those relationships and interactions.

So if we, you, me find it necessary to give up something for Lent, why not just do it instead of making an issue out of giving up whatever it is.  If it is something you can give up so you can focus that time on the Lord, great, but if you are giving up something for Lent because it is Lent for Lent’s sake, have a Snickers while watching Amercian Idol and forget about it.

Thought Out Well Planned Acts of Kindness, Not Random?

I read a post the other day from Brian Johnson called Random Acts Of Kindness // sounds like a cop-out and pretty much lifted my title here right off his blog.  (For the purposes of continuing his discussion, I feel it necessary to first make the disclaimer that the title are his words, not mine, thanks bro.)  I figured a comment on his blog post would take up to much space and just decided to write it out here.  I love listening to or reading articles that are thought provoking and inspirational, but in my mind I usually come back to, so that’s great, but how do you do that.  Many of us have listened to great sermons on living scripture and walked away from the experience thinking, ok great, now what.  So here is a beginning to my thought process, in 5 steps of course.

1. The Whole Idea is More Difficult

This is not to say that Brian’s post was incomplete, I don’t think that was really the purpose, but it did make me think, yeah, now what, or even, why should we think making this part of our lifestyle in the first place?

Random acts of kindness make it seem like what your life is about has nothing to do about kindness and only randomly will you offer an act of kindness to another individual. You recognize that it is  a good thing, but its not really what you do€¦its just a random act… the whole idea [thought-out, and well-planned acts of kindness] is much more difficult.

Much more difficult indeed.  Random acts of kindness are all the rage possibly because they are easier to successfully achieve, sometimes (maybe most of the time) require small amounts of time and money, and once completed, leaves no further obligation of any kind. So how do you do thought-out and well planned acts of kindness, and really, and as I said above, why are you doing this in the first place?

I mean really, we have a lot going on each day and just as the saying goes, nice guys finish last, not a business principle being taught in many MBA programs right now.  The word kindness does appears 59 times in the [NIV] Bible, my favorite being the fruit of the spirit in Galatians 5:22.

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

2. Practicing Kindness is a Lifestyle

So there, apparently we are supposed to practice kindness.  So what does it take to do this?  I would say, time.  The most precious resource we have is really what it takes.

  • Who is the person (or organization)
  • What is your relationship
  • and most of all what are the needs, wants, or troubles this person is dealing with in life


Nothing to me says I don’t know a thing about you or your organization (or case to) more than giving them something they don’t need or want.  Why bother giving a millionaire a $25 gift certificate to a local restaurant… if you know one, perhaps find out what is important to this person and volunteer to help in an area important to them.

Point is basically you need to get to know someone before you try to understand what their current needs are in this life, and perhaps you might need to spend some time getting to know a person before you can understand what kindness means to them.  I would argue that it means different things to different people.

3. Get To Know Someone by Listening

If you want to get to know someone there is a surfire way to do that, which I don’t do very well.  Listen.  Listen without interruption, without thinking about what you are going to say next, without looking at your cell phone, watch, or being distracted by everything else going on in our world today.  Pretty tall order, and very rare when you are talking to another person.

This is something I try to work on all the time but it can be very frustrating on the other end (the one doing the talking) to have someone do everything but pay attention to what you are saying.  Even if you are listening but the other person can’t determine if you are or not, you aren’t.  If makes the other person feel like why should I bother opening my mouth and saying anything.

4. Execute, Live it Out in Your Life

If you are going to follow the Fruit of the Spirit, ultimately it comes down to actually doing something, right?  So if you have taken the time to do everything to this point, why not actually put it into practice in your life.  This is not something to do to check it off your list.  We are talking about a lifestyle of being kind to others. (If you think this is complicated, see step 5.)

One other note on execution.  Kindness is not a reciprocal thing, it is something you do because you want to and are lead to do, not because someone is going to do something or give you something in return.  The reciprocal part of being kind has already been sacrificially paid and that totally defeats the purpose.

5. Do Not Make it Complicated

This elongated comment on Brian’s post is basically a long random thought (random thoughts are ok, just not acts, ha).  This does not have to be complicated at all.  In some cases, a smile works or where appropriate, a hug, can go a long way.  I wouldn’t particularly advocate standing in a circle and singing kumbaya since that is what people already think we do anyway, but it doesn’t have to be some long drawn out thing.

I realize for some, this is much harder than others.  Being kind for some is about like pulling teeth and for others it comes naturally, but it can be simple, thought out, and well planned, not random.

The Truth in the Bible Still Survives from 1895 to Today

The Book of Mark

Bible Published in 1895

Title page of bible from 1895

Title page of bible from 1895

1896 in History :: So what was going on in 1896?

Tonight we start the first part of a series of studies on how to study the Bible, called Journey Bible Class.  Yesterday I picked up a Bible at a local store specifically to start using tonight, but I have about 30-35 Bibles here in my office so I guess I could have used one of those but I was looking for one in particular.  One I have here in my office is this one Bible published in 1895 I picked up after someone threw it away back when we were in the book business. The Bible I picked up at the store yesterday was a relatively nice leather covered Bible but it made me think about this one I have that was published more than 100 years ago.

It is far from fragile and you can flip through the pages, look at the illustrations and everything you do with a Bible purchased today… but… in it’s time, this Bible must have cost a small fortune.  It took more than 100 photographers and a huge number of editors and all the other people to put this 1895 Bible together.  It weighs about 6-8 pounds, is a hard cover, has tons of illustrations, and is even referenced and includes commentary, wow.

You can read it very well on the photo, but if you look on the blank page it has, written in pencil,

Oct the 6 1896

Presented To.

Mary Jane Williams.


G.E. Th Williams.

and on the inside it still has a cross stitched book mark that says “I love Thee With All My Heart”.  Of course if you flip through the pages you will see that the scriptures are the same in this book published in 1895 as in the book I purchased yesterday.  The history of this Bible is incredible to me.  I am holding in my hand something that is tangible evidence of a God’s word being passed on from person to person more than 113 years ago.

I took these photos today when I got to work.

January 4 Following Mormon abandonment of polygamy, Utah admitted as 45th state
January 5 German physicist Wilhelm Roentgen’s discovers x-rays
January 7 Fanny Farmer publishes her 1st cookbook
January 18 British troops occupy Kumasi, West Africa
January 29 Emile Grubbe is 1st dr to use radiation treatment for breast cancer
February 8 Western Conference forms of Midwestern U, later renamed Big 10 Conf
February 18 Cave of Winds at Niagara Falls goes almost dry for 1st time in 50 yrs
February 23 Tootsie Roll introduced by Leo Hirshfield
March 1 Battle of Adua: 80,000 Ethiopians destroy 20,000 Italians
March 8 Volunteers of America forms (New York City)
March 20 Marines land in Nicaragua to protect U.S. citizens
March 25 Modern Olympics began in Athens, Greece
April 4 Announcement of Gold in Yukon
April 6 1st modern Olympic games open in Athens Greece [3/25 OS] American, James Connolly, wins 1st Olympic gold medal in mod history
April 15 1st Olympic games close at Athens, Greece
May 4 1st edition of London Daily Mail ( penny)
May 6 22nd Kentucky Derby: Willie Simms aboard Ben Brush wins in 2:07.75
May 14 Lowest U.S. temperature in May recorded (-10 degrees F-Climax, Colo)
May 15 Tornado kills 78 in Texas
May 18 U.S. Supreme Court affirms race separation (Plessy vs. Ferguson)
May 27 Tornado hit St. Louis, killing 255 and leaving thousands homeless
June 6 George Samuelson leaves New York harbor to row across Atlantic
June 15 Tsunami strikes Shinto festival on beach at Sanriku Japan 27,000 are killed, 9,000 injured, with 13,000 houses destroyed
June 26 1st movie theater in U.S. opens, charging 10 cents for admission
July 8 William Jennings Bryan “cross of gold” speech at Dem convention
July 21 National Federation of Afro-American Women and Colored Women’s
July 28 City of Miami incorporated
August 16 Gold discovered in Klondike, found at Bonanza Creek, Ala
August 20 Dial telephone patented
October 1 Yosemite becomes a National Park
November 1 1st bare women breast (Zulu) to appear in National Geographic Mag
November 14 Power plant at Niagara Falls begins operation
December 8 Start of Sherlock Holmes “Adventure of Missing 3 Quarter”
December 25 “Stars and Stripes Forever” written by John Philip Sousa
December 30 Stanley Cup: Montreal Victorias beat Winnipeg Victorias, 6-5
December 31 25th auto built in US [thanks]

Don’t think my Bible is going to be around in 2133 but I guess it could be.  So if those items above are facts of history, how far back do we go before we don’t think these things actually took place.  We have buildings in this country that go back to the 1600-1700’s, China and Japanese history goes back a pretty good ways, and so does Israel and the history spoken about in this book.

Of course we as human beings selectively choose what we believe as truth. Perhaps today this poem I wrote below is what truth is.

What Do We Believe is the Truth

Truth is all relative.
Truth is what we make it to be.
Truth is fluid.
Truth is adjustable.
Truth is changing.
Truth is false.

Truth is love.
Truth is faith.
Truth is belief.
Truth is alive.
Truth is sacrifice.

Royals Pitcher Scott Sullivan Asks What's Your Story

This morning we had a special guest, Scott Sullivan, speak during our normal Tuesday morning meeting.  Sullivan was a pitcher (one of those great “submarine pitchers” I love to watch) for the Cincinnati Reds (1995-2003), Chicago White Sox (2003), and finished his career with the Kansas City Royals (2004).  As usually is the case with those who have been through the riggors of MLB, he had quite a story to tell, but he made the point that we all have stories to tell, good and bad.

What many of these stories have in common is where each of them were in their life during their career and where and how God has taken them to the point where they are right now.  All of us are always a work in progress but through circumstances and situations in each of our own lives, we have made it to the point we are today.  The question is what are we going to do with the time we have left?  Sullivan suggested a book that has meant a lot to him, Stu Weber’s Tender Warrior, and left us with three questions to think about and discuss.  They are:

1. What is Your Story?

Each of us has a story if we are still living and breathing.  If you are a Believer, that story is called your testimony, and as a Believer, each does have a testimony.  Have you ever written down your testimony?  Some may scoff and write down a few brief sentences, but some of us took many years to come to our decision and our testimony is not just one event or thing that happened, it is years of work and living that got us to the point we are at today.

If you are not a Believer specifically, you still have your own story to tell.   What has shaped your life up to this point.  Is it people, friends, family, where you live, how much money you have or don’t have, what car you drive?  I would encourage each of us to put some thought into what exactly is our story.  What were the specifics that got us where we are today.

2. What Do You Want Your Legacy To Be?

Each of us will leave a legacy in one form or another.  We may not have a sphere of infulence like a major league ball player, politician, or holywood star, but each of us will leave behind the story of our life.  What do you want that to be?  Do you know?  If you do, how are you moving in that direction to fulfill that part of your life.

3. What is Your Plan to Finish Strong?

None of us are destined to stick around for very long.  Some longer than others but either way, we are not long for this world.  How can we finish our lives out strong.  Do we have a plan, or do we care?  I think it may be harder for those of us who are for the most part healthy, relatively young-ish (maybe at heart), and feel like we are full of life to really appreciate the time we have left and make a conscious decision to finish out strong.

I think about Richard Quick and what he is going through right now in his fight with a Malignant Brain Tumor, or my mother-in-law who did the same thing.  What is our plan to finish strong and live the rest of the life we have been given with conviction, purpose, and with a plan, to at some point hear what Jesus said in a parable in Matthew 25 where He said:

His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’

Thanks Scott for making your way over to our side of the world (funny how these Tuscaloosa, Alabama people end up down here in Auburn, and we are thrilled) and thank you for giving us a few words of encouragement to think about.

Here I Am Lord… Now Send Somebody Else

I love the title to this book, it is so accurate to the way I think sometimes.  I want to dive in head first in the deep end from the 50 meter platform and forget that once you get to the bottom, you actually have to swim back up to the surface to breathe.  It is 3pm and somehow, I am about the only one left here, and now I am starting to get some productive work done (except right at this very second of course).

I have officially been here for about two months now and I can’t think of any place else I would want to get in the car and drive to work in the mornings.  Although I have been in the work force for 15+ years now, I feel like a baby when it comes to “ministry’ work, but am learning at a crash course pace.  It is quiet at times and panic stricken at others.  This job is totally different than anything I have done before and I am loving the chance to learn so much about the bride of Christ, and most of that is getting to know the people here and across the Internet that make up the church body.


…and boom… just like that a quiet afternoon went into a totally different environment.  Maybe that’s why I like it, it is always changing and always challenges to meet.

What I love about this book title is the tag line that goes with it.

how God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things

There is nothing extraordinary about anything I do when compared to what skills and talents other people have been given as well.  We have each been given our specific skills and talents by God (someone told me yesterday their’s was sarcasm), but there will always be someone who is more talented in the same areas, and someone less talented in those same areas than I am.  All throughout the Bible God used regular ordinary people to do His work, Moses being the all time great example.

I work with some great, talented, ordinary people, that are determinied to do God’s work as best as they possibly can, and I love that.

I Have Now Joined the Ranks of Church IT?

I received something yesterday that I haven’t received in almost 15 years (other than from myself), from a man I respect more each day as we begin to work together.  A paycheck.  It was really kind of strange actually.  Over the past almost 15 years, Deb and I have owned our own business and worked for ourselves, and pretty much worked when and where we needed to as the business dictated, until December 2008.  As of December, I have accepted a newly created position as the IT Director at Cornerstone Church, and started a new direction and routine for my household.

Joining the staff of a church, mission, or ministry and being able to serve, as a career, is something I have wanted to pursue from almost day one when I became a Believer.  As usually is the case, my timing is not always God’s timing and some 15 years after making my commitment to Christ, the time and place have come together in Auburn at Cornerstone.  I have been given the general task of “Leading People to Know and Serve Jesus, through technology” and I am so excited about the opportunity to serve, have so much to learn, and can’t wait to see what God has in store in the years to come.

Being an IT person, I have followed many other church IT people over the years, and now that I am a part of it, I would love to hear from or connect with other staff that are in the same position or fulfilling the same roles as I will be in the months to come. Two posts in particular that really got me thinking about what this job will eventually mold into is Zac Smith, the IT Director at NewSpring Church, The Perfect Job and this post that shows a great example of the relationship between church IT, communications, and media, Relationship between IT, Communications & Media.  I also appreciate the example Jason Powell (the IT Director over at Granger) has shown me as my wife and I prayed about this job and what possibilities IT has within the church.

Jason has taken the leadership role within the Church IT Roudtable group (and I hope to become a more active participant). There was a lot that went into this decision in my own household and a lot of it had to do with the unbelievable staff that is already in place.  I will be changing some of the ways I present my blog, (some of the topics are now going to be more related to my postion of course) with a mix of personal, photography, and work related content, so I hope you will stick around and see what else the Lord has in store.

Encounter Intensifies as Reality of Faith in a Savior is Made Real

Last night, Encounter was intense to say the least.  It was hard hitting truth and was very powerful.  I can’t speak for last year, but this week was probably the most intense gathering this year, and many students were moved by the events of the evening.  To me, it seemed like a very vertical night, lifting straight up to God the few hours of worship, study, and music.  It was that way with the photos I took last night as well.

For some reason I took a good percentage of vertical images last night and in keeping with the theme, all the images below are vertically oriented this time.  To see the entire shoot from last night please visit the Grace Campus Ministry with Encounter gallery [the full set of images should be uploaded by 12-1pm today].  On a side note, I did finally get to meet an online friend of mine, Stephen DeVries, who had just returned from a documentary trip to Haiti.  It was great to meet you Stephen, I hope we can get together again real soon.

So what made last night more intense than other nights?  I think it was just the atmosphere of the week.  Grace showed a moving video about a boy named Eliot (see Creative Chaos 28 // Dear Eliot Video, 99 Balloons, and Brave Parents), and half the people in the room were moved to tears.  After some scripture, Matt Dean (seen below) told the story and testimony of Cindy Wall who passed away on Wednesday.  Cindy worked in the Auburn Athletics department as a trainer for 17 years, and it wasn’t until Matt started telling the story again did I realize that some on campus probably knew who she was, but may not have known the whole story.  I took the image above of Matt speaking about her life’s most wonderful testimony.

Encounter Live from Auburn University

Encounter Live from Auburn University

Encounter Live from Auburn University

Encounter Live from Auburn University

Encounter Live from Auburn University

The image you see on the screen in the upper left was one I took the night of her baptism.  She has such pure joy on her face, and I had seen the photo many times before, yet it wasn’t until I looked at the image on the screen and heard the reaction from the students that it hit me.  She was here and gone in my life in a blink of an eye and her life was now a testimony of faith to these students, who were now grieving.

Life is not always fun and games (although I try to make it that way) and there are needed nights like this to show real examples of living faith, to students who may not have a direction or a faith in Jesus.  The difference in life and death, and the faith, hope, and love of Jesus could be found and felt last night.  It had nothing to do with the video, the photo, the music, or the people involved, but the presence of the Lord in the house.

Cindy Wall, Called to be with the Lord Today

Cindy Wall's Baptism

Cindy Wall's Baptism

I am writing this blog post right now because I am not really sure what else to do. Today I got the shocking news that Cindy Wall (of Auburn Alabama) had passed away and is now with our Lord. This is the same person that I wrote about in my last blog post, (called Skype Video Baptism from Innovate08 in South Bend to Auburn) who had blessed all of us so much through her baptism.  [To see the full slideshow of photos from the baptism, click Cindy Wall Skype Baptism gallery.]

This truly had to be God’s will and timing.  Something so hard to explain and so hard to comprehend could be nothing else than God’s raw will expressed through her life, shown as a witness to us all, that there is never a good time to put off God’s work.  At this point it is so hard to process the information and put into words the flood of thoughts that come to mind.

Over the past several months I have written many blog posts (like my mother-in-law Georgia Christal, musician Matthew Butler, and others like Steven Curtis Chapman, Prayers for His Family, Family Testimony, Bronner Burgess Drowns in Pool) about individuals that have come into my life in one form or another and then died, and I am then again reminded that we are NOT in charge of this world, God is.  After the last few posts about Matthew Butler and after hearing from his mother and his widowed wife, I wrote Is it Really Important to Ask God Why Anymore?, and that is a little how I feel right now.  Why bother asking why, it isn’t up to us, no matter how hard we try to make the world conform to our life, instead of us conforming to God’s will for our life.

Thank You Cindy for the Time You Spent With Me

I spoke with Cindy on Sunday morning about the baptism and I told her how much it really meant to the people involved, and me personally.  The conversation we had was something I meant to tell her on Friday after the baptism, but I am so glad I did on Sunday.

Now, her actions to follow Jesus in baptism on Friday was something so huge, so important, that none of us could have possibly comprehended at the time.  Any one person could have said no, could have decided it was to much trouble, our pastor could have said he didn’t have time (after all, he was in another state), and any number of other things could have kept the baptism from happening.  Yet, the people involved, in another state, said yes, we will follow the Lord.

Much of my conversation with Cindy before the baptism was about our preconceived notions of “church” and “a baptism”, and why it doesn’t always have to be like the traditions of history.  Her baptism was to be a party.  She wanted her baptism to be a celebration, which meant, a party.  In the same sentence, she told me she wanted her baptism to be a party, just like her funeral.  Of course when you are talking to a young person, about to be baptized, the second part just flew by my ears without much notice.

She took the time to talk to me, tell me about her experiences, and invite me into one of the most exciting times in her life and to that, all I can say is thank you.

If the Lord is Pressing You to Do Something, Don’t Wait

There is no greater example of a life in submission to the Lord than this.  If He is doing the same to you, don’t wait, our time here is short.  It puts into perspective some of the people I interact with each day, some of the projects I am involved with, and what importance each has in my life.  It does makes me think about the things I did today… what did you do?  I spent several hours working with b/ this morning, and then spent the rest of the day with my wife.  Not every day goes like today, but It was time well spent.

Tonight I felt compelled to spend some time and write something about Cindy’s story and the witness of faith her life now represents.  Tomorrow, when I re-read this, it may not make any sense to me at all, but her life was special to many, and it was to me as well, thanks Cindy.

Blogging Stats and Our Daily Walk of Faith

monthly blogging stat walk

How does your blogging life look? Are you consistent, true, and purposeful when it comes to writing or participating with your blog (or put in another part of your life you take some value with)… no… me neither. I was thinking about this the other day when I really couldn’t find the words for a blog post and just decided to let it go.

Of course then I started drawing parallels of our Christian walk and the consistency in which we blog, and what effect it has on our blog. Once you start blogging for any considerable length of time (a few years for me), you start to think of life in terms of blog posts. I went to see this sporting event, ahhhh good blog post, this guy just cut me off in the highway, let me snap a photo and it will make a great blog post.

How do you know what the effect of writing that blog post has on your blog. We check the stats. Do you love stats as much as I do? I wish I could stat out everything sometimes. I love looking at collections of data like that, it tells us where we can improve, where we failed, where we succeeded. How often do we check our daily walk stats?

Our Daily Walk

Probably 5% of my ideas for blogs posts actually make it to my computer. I would say another 50% of those never make it out of a draft. But what happens to our blog when we just let it go, then try to pick it up, then let it go, well, just check the stats. It looks like an up and down mess, usually.

daily graph of our blogging walk

This graph above is a daily graph of my other photo blog. The piece in the middle there is typical, just up and down with the wind it seems, but it is directly related with what I do with the blog. When I post, the stats go up, when I don’t, they go down. That is how I usually feel in my walk with Christ. I am inspired and walking great one day and the next something happens and I neglect my prayer life that day (or any number of other things), and I feel brought down a notch.

One thing that has taken me a long time to realize is my walk is going to be an up and down event. For some reason we often think once we become Christians we are riding up that hill till we hit those pearly gates, and it just isn’t that way, and the Bible tells us this too.

Among many different places in the Bible, we read in John 16:33

33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

I love reading that verse. It reminds me that our life here on earth is not trouble free just because we are Christians, but, it doesn’t say we can just live like the world, forget our walk and our relationship with Christ will be the same.

Our Weekly Walk

I have been a Christian for more than 10 years now, so I have longer stats to look at than just a daily graph. So what if we could look at our walk on a weekly basis instead.

weekly graph of blogging stats

This graph has a little more data. This is showing me the 17th week of the year of 2008 up to week 33-34 of this year. Still some ups and downs visible, but now we can see a trend? I may not be getting it done like I would like every single day, day after day, but I have an overall goal with my blog to keep it fresh and create growth within the blog. So without getting to deep, you get the idea. We can’t keep looking at our daily failures in our walk with Jesus as the sum of our walk. We have a goal as Believers, right, to keep growing and mature in our faith and our walk with the Lord.

Our Monthly Walk

Take it one step farther out and look at our monthly walk (the image at the top).

Now we’re talking. I can see that month 11, 12 of 2007 weren’t so good, although they were in existence, but look at the trend. Can we look back over our walk with Christ in months and years and see growth? We may not think so, but if we check the stats of our daily walk, in terms of months and years, we will hopefully find we have grown, but don’t forget about that little notch at the very end of this graph.

What do you do on your blog when you can’t find something to write or just don’t feel like messing with it? I guess I write about stats. Try to plug away at your blog if it is important to you, you will be rewarded yourself by just looking back over time to see how you have grown as a blogger and what you found was important enough to put down in words.

Don’t feel guilty about neglecting your blog either, just open the admin screen, hit the “create new entry” and write something that is on your mind. I have read blog posts that were one word and were great posts. One of my most popular posts was just one photo, so it doesn’t have to be a long drawn out message like this.