Our 1979 Morgan Out Island 33 Sailboat has Sold

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Sailboats in the Bear Point Marina

Today we have officially moved on to a new chapter in our leisure time life.  We have sold our sailboat in Orange Beach, the 1979 Morgan Out Island 33 which we bought in Tampa in April of 2007.  We had big dreams for this particular sailboat (over the other two sailboats we have owned) but we finally decided the distance from Auburn to Orange Beach was just to much to maintain. Plans are to replace her with a tiny little camper and go back to our camping roots and get to know some of the land and parks here in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and Florida.

We first officially put the sailboat up for sale on June 3rd (For Sale: 1979 Morgan Out Island 33 Sailboat in Orange Beach) but decided by September that we needed to go ahead and sell the boat.  Our philosophy has been pretty much the same every since we got married.  If we are not using it, and well, then we don’t need it and should not keep what ever that happens to be at the time.  Having sold on eBay full time for many years, and the Internet in general, people tend to want to get what they paid for on items when they go to resell them, we know this just isn’t the case (see also What is Your Blog or Internet Business Worth // eBay or Sitepoint?), so, when we want to sell something, we sell it.

This is good for the buyer of course, but when we have made up our mind to do something, we would rather do it than sit around for month after month working on it.  When we started looking for this boat, a Morgan Out Island, there were not many on the market, but the ones that were on the market, are actually still on the market, 18 months later.  Not because they are not good boats, they are, but because these people refused to sell something for what someone else would pay for it.  A concept we don’t get.  So we sold it for half of what we paid for it, but we had some wonderful times on the boat and great memories, worth more than what we paid or sold the boat for anyway.

Now it is time to move on, although we will both miss having this sailboat, she was great.

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Catalina 22 Restoration Project Moves To New Owner

Selling a Catalina 22

Our work on the clean-up of the Catalina 22 is finished. We worked hard to get her clean and fixed up enough to sell and now she has gone to a new home in Georgia. She is going to have her renovation completed there by her new owner. Hopefully we will get pictures of her when she is fully completed. There she goes.

This was one of the first sailboats we actually purchased with the idea of cleaning up the boat and selling it to a new owner.  It looked in pretty bad shape when we first purchased the boat (see How Do You De-Mast a Catalina 22) but we knew it was a good sailboat under all the grime.  We have a lot of fun getting the boat and cleaning it up and doing what we knew to do, and we didn’t do what we didn’t know how to do.  The new owner is a Catalina 22 sailboat restoration project person, so he should do wonders to bringing it back to its original condition.