Photo Shoot and Thoughts of Thanksgiving 2009


Thanksgiving is now long gone (and so is the food I hope) but I finally got around to editing a few impromptu photo shoots that happened over that weekend.  We often move from holiday to holiday and are “thankful” when it is time to be thankful, and “merry” when it is time for Christmas, but the spirit should remain with us year round.  This past Thanksgiving weekend was a little different in our house this year.  We were home and able to share the meal with our extended family and had a wonderful time.  I had a photo shoot with my pastor’s family, my car died, and then on Thanksgiving day took a few shots of my Nieces and Nephews (I have several).

Christmas is going to be a bit strange for us as well as we make a move up to Virginia just before Christmas to continue our class work.  It will be kind of weird being in a new place during the holiday but Deborah and I are looking forward to making new friends and worshiping with new Believers.  Below are just a few shots from the Thanksgiving weekend (I am going to try to upload a few more to my flickr account).  The last shot at the bottom is my Niece Martha and my Nephew Levi, quite a pair.



Maximum Impact Photos with Liz Murry to Kevin Carroll

Kevin Carroll

Kevin Carroll

Mark Sanborn

John Maxwell

Liz Murray

It has been a while since my last post but I still wanted to post a few of my favorites from Maximum Impact.  It was a great event and I am glad I was able to be in Atlanta for the live simulcast location.  One of my favorite photo shoots of the afternoon ended up being several different shots I got of Kevin Carroll.  He was great to put up with two different photographers hounding him and it made for some great images.  Some others posted below are Liz Murry from Homeless to Harvard and Mark Sanborn with his new book the Fred Factor.

If you get a chance to see any of these folks in person it is well worth your time, they were great inspirational speakers and have amazing stories to tell.

Maximum Impact Photoshoot in Atlanta :: Friday Feet

Downtown Atlanta from the Hotel

Downtown Atlanta from the Hotel

I missed my Friday Feet post last week but today I am in the glorious city of Atlanta to do the photo shoot for the Maximum Impact Simulcast.  It has been a fast few weeks and in another two weeks Deb and I will make a trek out to Dallas for an annual Czech heritage festival.  I spent most of the day doing a walk through for the shoot at the Georgia World Congress Center and then made it over to the CNN Center to catch up on some reading.  I feel like I was just here (see posts from the Georgia Aquarium photos here and video here) but for totally different reasons.

I thought about doing a nice serious group of photos down at Centennial Park but opted for the shots below from the top of my hotel in downtown Atlanta.  Some day I will get back over here and take my camera to the park and get some of the fountains and all the many different people that are always walking around down here.  Have a nice weekend everyone.

Confessions of a Pastor by Craig Groeschel :: Catalyst Photos

Craig Groeschel

Craig Groeschel

Craig Groeschel

Craig Groeschel

Craig Groeschel

I wanted to post an update of the books that have made it to my read (or reading) list.  I was planning on reviewing each one but just ran out of time. Over several months prior to my official start of Seminary (a topic I haven’t posted about yet, but will at some point) I tried to get back into the habit of reading, a lot.  In my first two seminary classes I had a combined 8 books for eight weeks of class, so getting into the habit of reading, all the time, has been very helpful.

One of the books I am almost finished with is Craig Groeschel‘s book called Confessions of a Pastor.  Published back in 2006, Confessions has a great combination of self deprecating humor of his own sin with real teaching and application of God’s principles for life in general.  What got me interested in reading Craig’s book wasn’t really the topic but meeting Craig and listening to him speak in Atlanta and most recently at Catalyst West Coast in Orange County California.

Here are some images of Craig speaking at Catalyst West Coast I took a week or two ago.

I haven’t made it to the end of Craig’s book yet but one of the last sections in the book, “I’m Afraid of Failure” had one of the best examples of how we condition ourselves for failure before we even begin (read the section called Failure by Numbers).

To avoid potential failure and pain, people abort their dreams.  They stop trying.

Confessions of a Pastor is a great church leadership type book, glad it made it on to my “read” list.

Orange County Airport Photos and a 50mm Lens :: SNA-MIA

On my way from ATL to SNA

Terminal Building at SNA

John Wayne in SNA

Han gliding in SNA

Terminal Building at SNA

Terminal Building at SNA

Terminal Building at SNA

Departure at SNA

On my recent trip to California I decided to continue my 50mm airport series I started a while back.  I generally carry all my equipment with me on the plane since a lost bag will result in a non-existent photo shoot, and a few trips ago I started trying to get the creative juices flowing by using one camera and one single fixed focal length lens (a standard 50mm) to cover each new airport.

This past week the new airport was Orange County’s John Wayne Airport (SNA). I have usually flown into LAX and since I had not been to John Wayne in a while, it was next on my photo list (ATL has long since be shot, see my post Atlanta Airport Photos and a 50mm Lens // Part 1, if that is your interest).  For the extremely busy location of southern California, Orange County is a great place to fly in and out of and almost has the feel of a Midwestern Lubbock or Amarillo feel to it as far as the traffic goes.  I also didn’t get harassed by security, police, FBI, or any other uncomfortable PAX in the area, wonderful.

Catalyst West Coast with Hillsong United and Steve Fee Band

Hillsong United Worship Band

The Fee Band

I only thought yesterday was a long day.  Today was a great day and all I have time to do is just decompress a little bit.  It was a non-stop packed day with Hillsong United from Sydney Australia (I am now an official fan), The Fee Band which came over from Atlanta (who sung their new song “Glory to God”), and a whole host of fantastic speakers like Guy Kawasaki, Andy Stanley, and many more.

I wish I could go through the whole day here but I can hardly keep my eyes open at this point.  I did want to post a few photos of the bands.  The first of Hillsong United, the second is Steve Fee.  I will have to do several more posts at a later date but for now, here are a few shots from today. See more photos of the Steve Fee Band at Catalyst.

The Longest Day as Catalyst West Coast Begins




I can’t quite remember a day that lasted this long since my last trip to Las Vegas when we arrived at 2am after leaving Atlanta early in the morning.  Today at least I did arrive in the 3pm area but not it is 12:30am at home and I am just trying to process everything that went on today.

I did take a tour of Mariner’s Church for tomorrow’s main event.  It was very great to get an early walk around and I did get to see some familiar faces from Atlanta over here in Orange County.  After the labs ended today the kick-off event started with Carlos as the MC.

Below are just a few photos form the evening. The last shot is the chapel here at Mariner’s Church.  At night it was transformed into this incredible flood of colors and I may do a post with just shots of this chapel, it is very beautiful.

Catalyst West Coast with Hillsong United Band

Catalyst Conference in Atlanta

Many of you may know about the great conferences put on by the Catalyst folks, well this Wednesday is the big one, Catalyst West Coast.  Having been to the full multi-day conference in October (photos), I know this one is going to be a great time of learning and fellowship.  I feel privileged to have been asked by Catalyst to be one of the photographers for the west coast event (along with Daley Hake on his home turf), so this week I will make my way out to Los Angeles and to Mariner’s Church for the shoot.

Look for some photos here starting around Wednesday or Thursday if I can find a wifi connection (and some time).

The Streak Hair Salon Photo Shoot in Auburn

Last week I did a photo shoot for a local hair salon called Streak Hair Studio.  Being that I have so much experience in cutting my own hair, the owner, Jen Slocumb decided I was the perfect candidate to do the shoot (ha).  Hair has never much been my personal strong suit but at least if I can’t have my own I can do the photography for some who are professionals in making those who have hair look good.

I don’t do many hair salon photos shoots but this one was a blast.  All the gals over at Streak were great and put up with all my requests to stand in one place without breathing or moving for over extended periods of time.  Below are just a few from the shoot, if you are one who has hair, drop by for a highlight or two, they will fix you right up.

Jen from Streak

Streak Hair Studio

Streak Hair Studio

Streak Hair Studio

Streak Hair Studio

Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel Photos at Catalyst

Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel at Catalyst

Catalyst Staff backstage at North Point Community Church

Andy Stanley at Catalyst

Andy Stanley at Catalyst

Craig Groeschel at Catalyst

Craig Groeschel at Catalyst

I am still working through the last part of my edit for Catalyst One Day.  Two of the key speakers at the One Day event were Andy Stanley (North Point Community Church) and Craig Groeschel ( who talked about creating and sustaining momentum.  They had several individual sessions and then one larger session with both Andy and Craig with a great Q&A session which brought out hard questions from attendees.  I only wish I could have mentally recorded everything they said.

What I did record of course were the images of the day.  Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel are always animated, making for great photographic subjects.  Hope you enjoy a few from the day below.  The first photo is back stage with some of the Catalyst staff prepping for the day (that is Brad Lomenick in the middle sporting my very own hair cut).

I still have a few more, one from a session with Lanny Donoho which had everyone on the floor laughing, and then he drops a hand full of Mentos in a 2-liter of Dr Pepper, so stay tuned.