The Complete Egoist by Arthur Guiterman

I have tried over the years to reconcile the whole of what is social networking to how it helps or destroys the effort of devoting one’s life to the pursuit of God.  Reading through a sermon written by a family member in 1976, I came across this poem by Arthur Guiterman called “The Complete Egoist”, who wrote this around 1930 about our pursuit to self. I wonder what he would think of our narcissism in 2010.

A Mollusc who dwelt in primordial slime
Was always himself to the innermost core;
As being himself took up most of his time,
He never did anything more.
Still just as he was, though long ages have flown,
He stands on the specimen-cabinet shelf
A fossil, immortal in durable stone,
A monument raised to himself.

–Guiterman ~1930

Plurk Tries to Takeover Where Twitter Leaves Off?

Scott Fillmer on Plurk

Have you seen the movie Wall Street? I assume so, I guess just about everyone has seen that movie at this point. A movie deemed to be about greed, but really is much more than surface deep. I love the link in the movie Wall Street that goes something like this.

Bud Fox: How much is enough Gordon? How many boats can you ski behind… how much is enough?
Gordon Gekko: It’s not a question of enough, Bud.

How Much is Enough To Make Us Crazy

The Internet is a lot like this. How much is enough to make us go crazy. I think that is the wrong question. My friends over at Worship Journey and GotRoot have been discussing the use of technology and how to use the tools and options that come along with embracing technology (also see The Church Body and the Internet, Part 2).

I don’t think it is a question of how much is to much, it is a question of will be embrace “new” or “change” or we will turn a blind eye.

Today I started checking out Plurk (add me to your plurk here). If you don’t know what Plurk is, it is like a pimped up version of Twitter (follow me on twitter here). Don’t know what Twitter is, it is sort of like texting the entire world what you are doing. Don’t know what texting is, well, guess I can’t help you then, and how in the world did you make it to this blog.

To Embrace Change is to Grow

We tend to get overwhelmed easily by new things like this, but I think we look at it head on, and maybe we need to look at it from the side and upside down. We don’t have to dive into everything full boar, but to resist change, or new things is to stop growing.

I try to keep an open ear and if something comes up several times, I will probably go check it out, and over the last week or two, that was Plurk.

What I am more interested in doing is being able to brainstorm enough to come up with new and innovative ideas on my own. How about you? Is see new things like those mentioned here and inevitably I think, why didn’t I think of that. Or, if I did, I had no way to implement my ideas.

So, I am constantly looking around for ideas and those new things that other more brainy people that have been able to implement their ideas and see how they were able to go about this process.

If you are a little more interested in seeing what Plurk can do, a real good article was posted a few days ago, read up at Plurk: Unique or Just Another Twitter Clone?

So, do you Plurk? Do you look at new things like this with anxiety or with excitement?

Words of the Wise, The 24 Hour Challenge A Day Later

twitter convo

Here we are another 24 hours has gone by and the 24 Hours of Wise Words, Rusty’s Challenge from Rusty is over for the sake of this blog post. As far as the meaning in our lives and how we treat others, this should continue and be a part of our persona as we grow in our Christian walk.

A Reflection on How I (We) Did

I will have to say if you didn’t participate or haven’t tried doing this yet (using wise and kind words all day), it is far harder than you might think. I can’t say that I went the entire 24 hours without an unkind or unwise word, but, I can say it made me much more cognizant of what words I do use.

Doing this little exercise did make me examine the words I use, or was going to use, and how they might effect those I was speaking to or about. It showed me where I was building others up, and in the process of tearing them down. There were several others (@hspur, @mandycon, and @bslash) who followed Rusty’s suggestion and if you followed us on Twitter you could see the progress we made and didn’t make in real time. If you didn’t, I think the others would tell you it was a good 24 hours of self examination of words and heart.

Looking at the Gulf Beaches and Playing the Guitar

Scott Practicing the Guitar

Today was another day of work here at the home office without having to go in the car anywhere. We are leaving for the gulf coast tomorrow morning so we had to get all the orders processed and packaged, and pack, so we can leave first thing in the morning.

Blogs and Twitter

I did my normal daily blog posts for the morning. I have been trying to get the hang of Twitter and finally did a blog post about it on my freelance blog. It has kind of thrown me for a loop the last few days as I have been trying to figure it usefulness out, but the more you use it the more you get the hang of it. For information on that, just see the other blog post called Is Twitter Really a Useful Tool?.

Elance Will Continue

I didn’t win the bid on the project that closed today, but, I wasn’t even the slightest bit close either, so hey, I guess I will try it again. The winning bid was some ridiculous fee of $50 and I was way way way over his bid for sure. I looked at a few more postings today on Elance, saved a few, bid on one. There are so many projects, and they range so much in what needs to be done it is hardest for me at this point to find something and go with it. As with everything else on the Internet (or anywhere I guess) it just takes time to figure it out.

Bags are Packed, We’re Ready to Go

Well, not really, still having to get everything together to leave tomorrow for the beach. We usually pack a few minutes before we leave so I still have a few hours to finish packing. I hope to have some time to update the s/v Island Zephyr blog once I get down there, since that is where the s/v Island Zephyr is located.

Practice Makes… Well… Noise

Any guitar players out there? I did manage to get in some practice to day and I now can say I know my first scale my memory, the open E blues scale, as my instructor has named it for me. The tips of my fingers now burn like I stuck them flat on an open fire but I can play the scale.

There is so much information about the guitar on the Internet it is hard to absorb it all, but I did find a good post on a variation of the E blues scale, E Blues Scale Variations that looked pretty good but far beyond my learning right now. We are really looking forward to getting back down to the gulf, should be a nice weekend, even if it rains all day.