Setting Up Field Astrophotography

Telescope Setup at Twilight
Setting up the telescope for lunal viewing as the sun sets

The clear summer skies are upon us it seems, so my nephew and I setup for some viewing and photography last night. For more of a how-to-tutorial I should at some point talk equipment and setup but I’ll save that for another day. The skies were clear last night but the atmospheric conditions were not the best for planetary astrophotography, so we stuck with “night shots” and the Milky Way.

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Spring Rains Across the South Today :: Friday Feet

Friday Feet Photo of the Day

Today was one of those rainy days that every time I tried to get out and get something done, it poured. I ended up cutting a few acres of grass, getting soaked in the process, then trying to finish my current book (How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth), but such is the way the weather goes in the Spring in the south. That’s better than not getting any rain at all, which has been the case over the past several years with our drought. Today my iPad and a rainy screened in patio will serve for a long overdue Friday Feet Photo of the Day.

A Midnight Summer's Dream in the Night Sky

Ok, well it’s not Shakespeare but it is just about that time of year when the days are really long and the nights are clear and hot. Sometimes it’s hard to find new and fresh images when your routine seems to stay the same, but there is always a lot more to creation than meets the eye. Out here we actually still have a dark sky at night, most of the time. We can still see the lights from the Auburn-Opelika metro area and on the other side we can just see the glow from Columbus, GA, but it isn’t anything like what the sky looked when we lived in the big cities like Dallas. Those big cities like Atlanta and Birmingham have almost no night sky left. Luckily out here we still do… so… I’m off to try to get some shots of the Milky Way or whatever else my nephew finds while stargazing. Hopefully I’ll have something interesting to show for it tomorrow night.