Deborah Shares Her New Look with Ebby

A few people who didn’t get a chance to say hi to Deborah on Sunday asked me where the photo of her short hair is, so today, it’s the photo of the day. She was slightly concerned that Ebby wouldn’t recognize her but not even sure Ebby noticed. Deborah has very long hair her whole life so this is a pretty dramatic change but I think it looks great.  She has already decided after wearing this cut for a few days that she wants it even shorter than it is here, so by next week she may go back to Pam and have her cut it even shorter.

Either way I love the way it looks.

The Streak Hair Salon Photo Shoot in Auburn

Last week I did a photo shoot for a local hair salon called Streak Hair Studio.  Being that I have so much experience in cutting my own hair, the owner, Jen Slocumb decided I was the perfect candidate to do the shoot (ha).  Hair has never much been my personal strong suit but at least if I can’t have my own I can do the photography for some who are professionals in making those who have hair look good.

I don’t do many hair salon photos shoots but this one was a blast.  All the gals over at Streak were great and put up with all my requests to stand in one place without breathing or moving for over extended periods of time.  Below are just a few from the shoot, if you are one who has hair, drop by for a highlight or two, they will fix you right up.

Jen from Streak

Streak Hair Studio

Streak Hair Studio

Streak Hair Studio

Streak Hair Studio

Oh that Hair from the 1980's :: Throwback Thursday

Bryan at age 4 in 1986

This is my latest installment for Throwback Thrusday from Vagabondrunn (see Throwback Thursday (6)). This is officially my last post for Throwback Thrusday that is not of myself, sorry, one more week. I requested some images from my lovely mother and just haven’t received them yet.

When I do, I will start posted them for this weekly post, and there plenty of them for me to choose from, so Kyle, go find some more photos to keep this post alive a few more weeks.

In the mean time, here is our son at age 4 in 1986, who now looks just like his son (age 2). It is quite amazing to put side by side photos of Bryan (our son) and William (our grandson) at the same age, they are complete twins, identical. Don’t forget to post a comment below with a link to your Throwback Thursday post so we can take a look as well.