Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

Project 365 [Day 253] God Gave the Growth
1 Corinthians 3:6-7 :: God Gave the Growth
This is part of the WordPress weekly photo challenge, on growth, and as with each week, I try to figure out what 95% of everyone else will be photographing, and I eliminate those as possibilities. This time it took me almost a week to find some unique way to photograph “growth” in a way that wasn’t a plant growing or a flower blooming. It’s like trying to photograph a concept, and was actually much more difficult than I anticipated. The word growth has some type of organic regenerative something, like the process of photosynthesis or a child growing into a teenager and the like. So, instead of an example of growth as seen in the form of life, I give you the concept of growth, as explained by Paul’s letter via 1 Corinthians 3:6-7. One of my favorite pieces of wisdom from Paul, and one that really shows a unique perspective true growth.

I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow. So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow.

The word growth in this context is a Greek word used here by Paul, αὐξάνω, which is a phrase that roughly translates “to make” or “to cause growth.” It can be used as a noun or verb meaning multiplication or growth, primarily the term involved the natural reproduction, but always under God’s direction and control (Lv. 26:4; Dt. 7:13; Ps. 67:6).That’s sort of a long explanation for a photo, but so be it, what’s a good blog post without a little bit of etymology.

Below are some other examples of this week’s photo challenge of growth. There are some great examples there as well, if you did the weekly post, leave a comment, I would love to check out your post as well.

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What Casting Vision at Cornerstone Church Looks Like

Do you want to know what casting vision looks like at Cornerstone Church in Auburn? Then you will need to be here either at 8:30, 10:00, or 11:30, this Sunday to hear the details. This Sunday is a break from our current in-motion sermon series “Counterfeit Gods” to address how our church is moving forward with a vision on specifically how to reach the unreached people in our local community. Cornerstone has done this for years, and specifically in a missional sense, we have done this in Buloba Uganda. But I love when a church says we can’t just sit and do nothing, because doing nothing is specifically not what we are called by God to do. It just happens to be my church saying that. But this Sunday Rusty will cast a vision for the church’s future outreach in a very missional way. Last night (photos above) was the final meeting with the Executive Council, volunteers, lay leaders and staff members before Rusty goes into specific detail from the platform. So if you are interested in where the people of Cornerstone Church are headed, be at 2123 Hamilton Road in Auburn on Sunday, or at least pick up the podcast on Monday.

Cornerstone has always tried to have a positive impact on our local community and that’s exciting. The exciting part about this moving ahead from where we are as a church right now is not seeing programs or membership grow, the exciting part is being able to see people grow in Christ, mature as disciples, then reach out to new people. This is the church. To see God’s work taking place in people’s lives through the Gospel message. It’s about a mission. It’s about people.

To Feel God You Must Believe in Him

This has been one of these craziest few weeks in our house in years, and for the first time in what feels like forever, some routine and normalcy is slowly returning. I finally had a chance to just read again for a short while this morning, and I came across this explanation that Mstislav Rostropovich gave in how to listen to music. Although he was talking about music, I think he can use God and music interchangeably in this explanation.

There is a philosophy which says that in order to feel God, you must begin to believe in Him, just as in order to feel the warmth of a stove, you must come close to it. This is also true with music. In order to feel its warmth, you must come close to it, and open your heart to it. Sometimes that can be awfully hard work. I know many people who come to concerts buttoned up to the last button, so to speak, and who leave buttoned as well.

But music is not so aggressive that it will come through to you without your help. In order to feel its warmth and beauty, you have to shed your emotional insulation, just as if it were a coat, and prepare to listen with your heart.

-Mstislav Rostropovich

Dave Ramsey :: Life is Not a Snapshot, It's a Movie

Dave Ramsey

Back in October 2008 I had the great privilege of being able to attend an event where Dave Ramsey was speaking.  I had a chance to shake his hand and take some photos of Dave speaking but most of all I was able to hear what he had to say and apply it to my life.  What was great about the session was it was his normal financial engagement, it was on business leadership, and it was great.  If you think Dave is animated on TV or radio, you should see him in person.  The photos below are just a sample of his session.

I was listening (or actually watching) an interview with Dave Ramsey a few days ago on Fox News where he was speaking about a couple in pretty dire shape at the moment.  His comment about their situation was, “just remember, life is not a snapshot, it is a movie”.  It is amazing to me how one person can have so many different pieces of great advice, but he is absolutely correct, our lives are not a snapshot, a single moment in time, they are fluid, and moving through time, not just a piece in time.

I went back and looked at one entry I did May 1 2008 called Time Lapse Video of My Work Day // What’s in a Day where I did a YouTube time lapse video of my 8 hour work day.  At the time it was a typical day.  Now, some 8 months later it is just a shell of what my normal day is like and as each day goes by, that snapshot in time is more and more outdated, especially in my current position.

Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey

What this means is whatever your current situation is, it is only what it is right now, but don’t look at it as if can and won’t ever change.  If it is good or bad, it is still going to change as time goes by.  If things are so dire right now that you can’t imagine how your life will get any better, just hold on, time will move things along like it always does and your situation will change.

Great words from Dave Ramsey.  Not necessarily new or earth shattering, more like obvious, but sometimes it takes someone saying it out loud for it to sink in and become a permenant part of our thinking.  Surrounding yourself with motivated and intelligent people like Dave does doesn’t hurt either.