Cornerstone Celebration Dinner 2013

Cornerstone Church Celebration Dinner 2013
Cornerstone Church Celebration Dinner 2013

Last night our church came together to celebrate what God has done in the life of our church over the previous year along with putting out the vision for what Cornerstone looks like in the year 2020. It was a great night, but it was a launching point for 2013. We still have one more night to go tonight, so if anyone happens to be reading this in Auburn and wants to come join the celebration there are still a few seats left. I didn’t get to take too many shots last night, but here are a few.

Cornerstone Church Celebration Dinner 2013
The Dinner at Cornerstone Church Celebration Dinner 2013
Cornerstone Church Celebration Dinner 2013
Cornerstone Church Celebration Dinner 2013
Cornerstone Church Celebration Dinner 2013
Cornerstone Church Celebration Dinner 2013

Happy Thanksgiving 2011 from the Farm

Happy Thanksgiving 2011 from down over here on the farm. I love the fall in the south, it is a beautiful 70*F sunny day outside (although it is supposed to be something like 24*F in a few days), and Thanksgiving pretty much always kicks off Iron Bowl weekend. If you are perhaps one of the few unfamiliar with the Iron Bowl, check out the film by ESPN called Roll Tide War Eagle. Can’t begin to list how many things I am thankful for at this point, but for one, we have Deborah at home and feeling relatively well, that trumps most other things on my list right now.

I am extremely thankful for my family, and being able to eat dinner over at my parents house today will be awesome. I took the photo of my mom and dad above this morning, but the normal traditional work is the first shot. Every year on Thanksgiving week we (generally that means my dad) mow the entire pasture for the winter.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and War Eagle!

Dinner with the Uganda Team in Auburn Before We Leave

Tonight was our kickoff meal, so to speak, with the Uganda team and our families at the famous Little Italy Pizzeria in Auburn. This was the first time we have all been together with our friends and family in one place, and it was great to all just be in the same room together. Up until now, for months in fact, we have met as a team in preparation for our trip to Uganda, and what a team we have going this trip. Collectively we have such an incredible range of personalities, skills, experience, gifts, and expertise, especially when you include our friends and family that were there tonight. To me, it’s such a great look at how the church body can be so diverse, yet united in Christ together with the desire to follow God halfway across the world.

This will be the first of many upcoming posts from our trip. We leave on Wednesday and I know everyone on the team will greatly appreciate your prayers as we go through the final stages of trying to let go of our busy schedules here and start to focus on the task at hand. For now, here are a few shots from tonight, more to come over the next week to ten days. Thanks so much to the guys at Little Italy for putting up with our large group and all the noise, you guys were awesome (see photo below).

Friday Night Auburn Lights Photo at Jordan-Hare Stadium :: Friday Feet

It’s the Friday night before the first Auburn football game and it’s become sort of a tradition with Deborah and I to walk around downtown and eat dinner while we watch all the “out of towners” stroll in. Last year it was Hamilton’s on Magnolia, this year it ended up being a very crowded Mellow Mushroom. It’s always interesting to see our quiet southern town turn into a crazy madhouse, but that’s fall, and that’s what makes Auburn such a unique town. It also makes for some great photographic opportunities. At this point I’m not sure how many times I have shot Jordan-Hare Stadium (one of my favorites came right off my iPhone), but it always seems to have another look, another angle, or different colors that I haven’t found or seen before. What’s even better are the countless shots of Jordan-Hare on Flickr and other places that seems to find even more looks to this great stadium.

If you are in Auburn take a walk down to the stadium and see the new black and white banners that went up in the off season, they look great and once again they changed the face of Jordan-Hare. So here is hoping Gene Chizik and the Auburn Tigers have another fantastic season down here on the the plains.

Moe's Original BBQ on Magnolia Ave in Auburn :: Photos

The other night Deb and I went back to Moe’s Original BBQ in Auburn over on Magnolia Ave. It is such a great place to do some street photography since there are so many restaurants and shops along those roads, but the atmosphere inside Moe’s is really great as far as photography goes. Lots of colors, paintings, drawings on the wall and so on. This sorta feels like an ad for their restaurant but it just happened to be where we ate dinner when I had my camera (I don’t get paid advertising funds from anyone on my blog just to be clear). Anyway, these are just a few of the images captured the other night while we were down on Magnolia Ave. If you are looking for a place to shoot in Auburn just walk around downtown from about 5pm to 9pm and you will have more to shoot than you have memory in your camera. All these shots were taken with a prime lens, a Nikkor 35mm f/1.8, and a Nikon D7000 (EXIF data over here) if interested.

Middle of the Road and the Yellow Line :: Friday Feet

Double Yellow Line on Road

Double Yellow Line on Road

Double Yellow Line on Road

Double Yellow Line on Road

Double Yellow Line on Road

On a side note, we will be at the Ole Auburn Ale House (who is in serious need of a new website, sorry) in Auburn tonight to listen to Rob and Jen with Martha’s Trouble, if you are in the area stop in and say hi.

This turned out to be one of the nicest days in months with a beautiful 75° sunshine with nice puffy white cumulus clouds and a soft breeze.  I must read hundreds of blogs each week and hardly ever read them talking about the weather.  Makes me wonder if I should just skip that as not relevant material to my blog or wonder if no one can take the time any more to appreciate a beautiful day… either way, it was gorgeous outside today.  Being that today was Friday and was a great day to be outside, I ended up doing one of my more bazaar photos shoot requests I have had lately.  More of a stock photo / image request, but the request was for “road” shots.  It did end up being a good exercise in depth of field, and it’s always a good day when I can get out and do some photography.

Double yellow line photos and pics with some shots that could be turned into a brush or two in Photoshop.  Not a bad idea.  I looked at many of the Google images available on double yellow line photos and none were from around here and if you are looking to be middle of the road in the south, there were not many options.  Now there are a few more.

It is really hard to get creative with a double yellow line and make it look good but I gave it a go and today I choose a few different middle of the road pics for Friday Feet.  I am sure there is some to the “middle of the road” on this but I’ll use it down the road.  Which feet shot do you like the best?  Yes, they were both taken by me, unassisted.

Dinner at Locos Grill in Auburn :: Friday Feet

Loco's Auburn Alabama

Today ended up being a very rainy day in Auburn and since Deb and I got back from Catalyst One Day around midnight last night, we didn’t end up going anywhere for Friday Feet this week other than dinner.  We went to one of our favorite local places, Loco’s (also a favorite with college students).  Crazy as it is, we are actually have a slight chance of snow here tomorrow night.  I can’t recall it ever snowing down here, but it’s actually in the forecast.

I was so beat from Catalyst One Day today that I didn’t get much of a chance to edit any of the images from Thursday but they are coming soon.  In the mean time, I am going to get a little farther down the road on Tony Morgan’s new book, Killing Cockroaches.  So far so good and although some may not like the format of the book, I love it being that it is written in short small blog-like articles and as such, reads pretty fast.  Have a nice weekend everyone, look for some Catalyst photo posts coming up soon.  Here are a couple of random pics for Friday Feet this week.

Loco's Auburn Alabama

Patio Lights

Welcome to Our Living Room :: Friday Feet

Our Living Room

Friday Feet Dinner

Friday Feet Dinner

This was a different kind of Friday for Friday Feet this week.  If you are new to reading this blog, each Friday I do a post called our last trip down there was on our motorcycles in September 2006) for this particular Friday but as things go in life, it was not meant to be this week.  It ended up being very cold down here this week (and today), and the timing just didn’t work out for us to go.  So today, we just spent the day at home in the living room working on our computers together and we thought we would just go out for a nice dinner together on Friday night.

The day spent in the living room together worked out great, nice to take a day and stay home, but we perhaps never should have left the house.  We ended up going to three different restaurants before we found one that had less than a 40 minute wait and it was our last choice of any place to eat between Columbus Georgia and our house, which would be Phenix City Alabama (yes that is spelled correctly for those not from around here, that’s how we spell in Alabama), not really known for all it’s great eateries, sorry).

We make the trek over to Columbus GA probably once a month so Deb and go to a few fabric stores that are not in Auburn.  Each time we go, we try to remember not to go back because of the traffic and crowds.  With the military base so close by (which is a good thing) the city seems to be so overcrowded at the main shopping centers.  So in a huge shopping center which houses a Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart, Lowes, Barnes & Noble, Circuit City (right now), Bed Bath and Beyond, Movie Theater and a lot more big box stores and tons of restaurants, to eat is a 40 minute wait (outside in the freezing cold).

We went over to Wal-Mart and picked up something for our favorite Superman in Birmingham (that is just in there to see if he reads my blog) and made our way over to Phenix City to eat.  For some reason this restaurant was loaded with Bama paraphernalia so the first shot was for my favorite Bama fan (anyone want to take a guess where that shot was taken).  On a side note, if you have a restaurant in the Auburn / Opelika area and would like someone to do a review for you, let me know, we love to eat, write, and review.

Never under estimate the greatness of spending the day at home with your wife and never leaving the house.  We did this for probably 10 years straight, so I have some experience in that area, but as a friend of mine put it, sometimes a day at home is a very good thing.

All that to say, welcome to our living room.  The feet shot was a vague attempt to sort of re-create a photo my grandfather took of himself (see Son of a Son of a Photographer?) that he took in 1938.  I am sort of always trying to recreate that image in my mind but with 71 years difference in the photos there isn’t much other than perhaps the position that remains the same.  The photo still fascinates me and it didn’t need a bunch of blabbering text like this to tell a story.

Winter is a strange thing down here.  It never really gets a strong hold like it does in the north so we fluctuate between humid storms in the 50-60* and like it is today and tonight, freezing in the 30’s.  Even so, the winter would be unbearable to warm loving people without our Lopi (see photo) wood burning stove that keeps it in the tropical range all winter.

In case you were wondering, after being in this house three years we have finally moved the lawn furniture out of the living room and that macbook on the oversized chair across the room is Deb and Ebby’s place (Blazer and I get the other side of the room away from the fireplace).  Some days I still feel like we are moving in with boxes everywhere (literally) because of the last remaining remnants of our book business that takes up the entire garage, but it is getting better each week.  When Deb starts her classes up again in March all will be gone and cleaned out.

Far more than I am sure any of you care to know but there you go, a mostly uneventful Friday Feet but in my usual long worded way.  If any of you do your own Friday Feet post on your blog please let me know so I can link over to you.  Have a good weekend everyone.

Cold Day of Code and Godin's Tribes :: Friday Feet

Scott Reading Tribes

Scott Reading Tribes

Today was supposed to be a day off but it was so cold outside today that I ended up just looking at code all day long (which was better than going outside).  So I took my friday feet photo today of what I had planned on doing today, sitting back and reading a book.  That didn’t happen but I was able to get moving on a few blogs and website development projects (the shoes in the pic are just for effect since each week I am wearing the same shoes).

I am in the middle of reading two books right now, Tribes and Unleashing The Idea Virus, both written by Seth Godin (his blog).  Some how I ended up reading both of these books at the same time.  Unleashing The Idea Virus was written first and Tribes is making more sense after reading some of Idea Virus.  I will be posting a review of one or both once I get through reading them, but so far they are both excellent.

I am about to finish my first two full months at the church and now I am really starting to get into the grit of my position.  Once the new website is launched over the next week or two it will really be a start to what I hope is going to be a strong Internet presence in the months and years to come for the church.  I am really excited about how it is starting to come together, and today I spent a good bit of time getting to know the code a little better.

After looking at coding for about 12 hours Deb and I went out to eat at a (very) local restraunt called Good ‘Ol Boys.  Tomorrow the Auburn Basketball team takes on Vandy in the next SEC matchup for the Tigers.  Doesn’t look like it is going to be any warmer, some are actually calling for snow on Monday night, yikes.

Busy Week Ends with Smokey Bones BBQ :: Friday Feet

Dinner at Smokey Bones

This was one of the busier weeks I can remember in a while.  Trying to transition everything from different positions and personnel in conjunction with a fast and furious start to the new year made for a crazy week (see Brian’s post It’s only Wednesday // How to drain yourself in three days for a good explanation).  Deb and I drove out to Columbus GA for something a little different than the Auburn flavor and had dinner at Smokey Bones, a BBQ place we like out that way.  This week it is my friday feet post (although this one is less feet and more Deb).

On Saturday we will be going to the Auburn vs Alabama basketball game.  After our last attempt against the Florida Gators it doesn’t look like this game is going to be much better, but who knows.  I am going to try to take my camera and get a few slamin’ shots.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.