The Overlook of Creede Colorado Valley in the Fall

The photo of the day today comes from an overlook of a tiny old mining town called Creede Colorado, which sits in a beautiful valley surrounded by 10,000 foot mountain peaks. The air is crisp, clean, and extremely quiet, and from this vantage point the town looks a little like a toy train center piece (click on the photo to see the details).  This was just before the snow started falling for the winter.

Bachelor Loop Road in Creede Colorado, a Must See

Cabin in the Woods in Creede Colorado

I finally got back around to doing the photo of the day. This image is from a trail called Bachelor Loop that runs from the town center of Creede Colorado up into the mountain that overlooks the city, then back down the other side.  The road runs in front of the cabin and you can see it in the photo here.  It is a dirt forest road (not big at all, one lane at most) that winds around the mountains through Bachelor Loop.

It is an incredible drive as far as scenery goes, but you better leave your nerves behind and make sure your have a 4-wheel drive vehicle, at least in the colder months. The road here in front of the cabin is the loop road, which narrows greatly as you go up the mountain.  This image of the cabin just calls out Colorado to me. Isolated at times, in the mountains, dirt roads, beautiful surroundings. Colorado has some incredible places to visit.

I have started to add my images like this image of the day, current, and past photo shoots to my business gallery, called Scott Fillmer Photography.  You can see additional images here as I add them to Auburn Images gallery, or just click on the link at the top of this blog called gallery. Enjoy.

Christmas Time at Creede Baptist Church in Colorado

Bristol Head Peak, Colorado

Wednesday night services at Creede Baptist Church were replaced this week with a community choral sing. This was the first of many to come in the future. It was a joint effort by the Community Church and the Baptist Church and the results were fantastic. The music was phenomenal and was performed by several different members of each church, as well as the congregation in attendance. This is a photo of an impromptu group of very talented folks performing and includes my mother standing third from the right.

Christmas Choir at Creede Baptist Church

Saturday, we went up into the mountains to cut our Christmas tree. Mom and David had scoped the trees out the day before and David found the perfect one.

Here are the guys with their conquest.

Once we cut the tree we had to trek back to the truck. Luckily it was down hill. Doesn’t it look cold? It was, very!

Mom and I decorated it with white lights and clear ornaments. It really looks pretty at night. We are putting red and white bows on it tonight. Looks a little bare underneath though, hmmm…..

The mountains here are so beautiful and so overpowering.  A house or person just blends into insignificance when looking at the size of these peaks.  The shot at the top of this post is of Bristol Head from the top of the other peak nearby at sunset.

Creede Colorado African Mission Trip to Bring Children Toys

In January members of the local baptist church here in Creede are going to Africa on a mission trip.  Along with creating and wrapping Christmas presents, I have been making these adorable little balls for the children that our missionaries will encounter when the make the trip to South Africa in January.  These are all cloth balls with great handles to grab and throw and I hope whoever received them in Africa will be happy with them.

Close up view. Aren’t they cute?

Giving Thanks with Friends for Thanksgiving in Creede

This year we were invited to the home of a couple from church for Thanksgiving dinner. Jack and Jane Sanders were so gracious and the food was delicious. Here is the view from their front living room.

This was an especially meaningful Thanksgiving because we shared it with the Sanders and the Sams. Bob and Jean Sams have come to mean a lot to us since we have been here in Creede. Bob has recently found out that he has cancer in all of his bones and the doctor told them that it is really just a matter of time before he is gone. The doctor told them to enjoy every day to the fullest. This would seem quite devastating to most of us, but Bob and Jean have been married for over 60 years and Bob is 85. They have lived a beautiful life full of adventures, with many memories to share. We will miss them dearly when we leave this place.

Jack & Jane Sanders, Jean & Bob Sams, Scott

Scott, myself and Jean Sams

Summer Salsa Festival in Creede Colorado

A few weekends ago we all attended a salsa festival in downtown Creede. During this annual festival the businesses in town who wish to participate create their own unique salsas from secret recipes and for $5 the public can walk main street sampling each of the concoctions. The funds are given to a good cause and you vote for the salsa you like best. I think there were 20 – 30 different salsas in any flavor imaginable, from the hot and spicy to the fruity. When everyone had enough salsa we stopped for an ice cream cone.

We Have Arrived in Colorado for Our Winter Stay

Scott and Deborah made it to their winter home. They will be staying there until next April or until the bus will start again, whichever. The temperatures are 60+ during the day and 40+ at night right now. They are lovin it already. Scott is thrilled not to be sweating any more!

Here is a view of thier place.

And here is the view from their front window as of today.

After arrival, a sewer dump had to be installed for the bus. Scott, David (Deborah’s dad), and Randy (the next door neighbor) spent about three hours laying the pipe and getting it working.

We Have Officially Arrived in Colorado for a While

Well, we made it to our winter home. We will be staying here until next April or until the bus will start again, whichever. The temperatures are 60+ during the day and 40+ at night right now. We are lovin it already. Scott is thrilled not to be sweating any more!

View of our Bus from the Road

Here is a view of our place.

View looking out the front of our bus

And here is the view from our front window as of today. When there is snow, etc. I will post more pictures.