A Non-Chemistry Auburn Basketball Season

Auburn vs Texas A&M Basketball
Aubie sits alone at the Auburn vs Texas A&M Basketball Game

It’s been a lonely season of empty seats and shattered basketball hopes at this point. Deb and I love going to the basketball games, but it would be nice if just one season we could actually improve. This year is no different, they seem to have no chemistry, no cohesion, and few wins, though I love our players non-the-less. Year after year after year we keep coming to the games, and now we sit in a gorgeous new $92 million facility, which now seems to prove the point that you can’t just build it and they (players and fans) will come. Maybe I’m expecting a little too much out of a football town, but we sure have seen a lot of…

pressing into the paint… by the other team

Auburn vs Texas A&M Basketball
Auburn vs Texas A&M Basketball

shots made beyond the arc… by the other team…

Auburn vs Texas A&M Basketball
Auburn vs Texas A&M Basketball

but hey, maybe we haven’t been paying close enough attention as fans, maybe they said something, but we had our Beats on because the game was sooooo exciting…

Auburn vs Texas A&M Basketball
Beats Headphones at the Auburn vs Texas A&M Basketball

or maybe we just need one of those giant megaphones to yell with… since there aren’t many fans at the games, we could just do that as the next promo instead of a cheesy Verizon draw string bag nobody wants anyway…

Auburn vs Texas A&M Basketball
Aubie and the Auburn Cheerleaders at Auburn vs Texas A&M Basketball

or, maybe the halftime show guys will let our team use their trampoline so they too can fly through the air and slam the ball with style…

Auburn vs Texas A&M Basketball
Auburn vs Texas A&M Basketball Halftime

…finally giving our excited little fans that do show up something to cheer about.

Auburn vs Texas A&M Basketball
Kid waves the foam finger at Auburn vs Texas A&M Basketball

There are of course advantages to having no fans show up to a game and a team that has lost 17 games before the end of February. Nobody cares about the “prohibited items list” (except they still search my wife’s purse for FOOD), and I can actually take photos at the game without being ejected or my equipment confiscated.

from the tip off…

Auburn vs Texas A&M Basketball
Tipoff at the Auburn vs Texas A&M Basketball game

to our beloved Aubie cheering in the stands with students…

Auburn vs Texas A&M Basketball
Auburn vs Texas A&M Basketball

We really do love our Auburn basketball, it would just be nice to see something positive come out of the season to create momentum for next year? March Madness is right around the corner though, can’t wait.

iPhoneography and Auburn SEC Conference Play

Last night Auburn started their SEC conference play. This is always a favorite sports season of the year for us, so I started off with a little iPhoneography art of Auburn Arena. Something I love about my iPhone is how it gives me the ability to move beyond formal photography and put my own artistic flare in the image. Some don’t like it, but over the years I have grown to love the freedom in living outside the rules of photography.

This image results from a technique I use called stacking, which is just something I made up, but comes from stacking the image in different apps where the end result is something you can’t just get from one single post processing app. You can certainly overdue it, and the garbage in garbage out rule of photography always applies. Now with the iOS Panorama you can get some really cool results, like this, and with all the great apps like Camera+ and others the artistic results are almost limitless. Some day I will have to list all the photography apps I use and how they work but that’s not for today.

Auburn Tigers Basketball vs LSU Ends Home Season :: Photos

Another Auburn basketball season has come to a close, at least they played the last home game today, against LSU. This season was completely different than last year of course, and while it doesn’t look like the team will make the tournament again this year, we thoroughly enjoyed the season. The photo of Deb and I is basically the same photo I took at the last home game last year, with another year added to our total.

We have really come to love basketball season, for a host of reasons. Each year this game is one of those yearly markers, like July 4th or something, where we can look back over the previous year and see what life was like at this time last year. I’m not sure why that is, it’s just a basketball game, perhaps it’s because we have been through 5-6 full seasons together now since we came to Auburn, and we can remembers years past. We usually see the same group(s) of people at the Auburn basketball games each year, and while the students and players keep changing, it’s nice to see those “basketball friends” again. Until next year in Auburn Arena, War Eagle!

Cornerstone as a Multisite Church Only Weeks Away

It always seems that the busier things get the less time I have to just post a simple photo and put a caption on it. I’m sure this is the same with every blogger I just try to keep up regardless of my schedule, oh well. My house went from a nice calm state over the new year holiday to crazy in a matter of a few days once the semester started back up again, but one other reason is pictured above. I took that photo with my iPhone about a week ago during a planning meeting for Cornerstone at Lee-Scott, our new multi-site location, and right where I am standing is where we will begin worshipping in February. The sheer volume of things to be done by everyone has grown wildly, but the time to open is almost here.

I have been reading Matthew for the last few weeks and this morning I ended with those famous words Jesus spoke after the resurrection in Matthew 28. In the Greek πορευθέντες (poreuthentes) is difficult to determine a proper tense, but when you try to translate it to English, it all comes out to be an action. Having gone, as you go, while you are going, and go therefore, are all common translations, but “GO” puts the emphasis on the imperative character, which gives the sense of a strong “go” in the missionary command.[1]

That’s a complicated way to say, it’s an exciting time at Cornerstone when 9-10 months of planning comes down to two characters in the English language… G-O. That work has been going on for a while, and that part is almost here. Make disciples… (over at Lee-Scott), that work is just about to begin. Today this image servers also as my Project 365 [Day 50] photo (see the rest of the P365.me :2012 here).

[1] A More Accurate Look at Matthew 28:19, By John A. Finton.

Another Auburn Basketball Season Ends, Life Keeps Moving On

Today is the last home basketball game for Auburn for the 2010-2011 season (see Deb’s post too), but since we aren’t going to be there tonight last Saturday was actually our last game this year at the Auburn Arena.  It has been a bazaar season, personally and athletically.  For the last several years the Auburn Basketball season has been a time that Deborah and I get to spend with each other that doesn’t have the craziness of football season, is a sporting event that takes place indoors, and is just a nice time for us to spend a little extra time together.

This year’s season felt scattered and intermittent since it started with Deb in the hospital and ended today with us headed to Birmingham for another doctors appointment. In between there was a new coach and a new arena with lots of growing pains. I can’t sit here and say it was one of the most pleasant seasons, but it was certainly memorable and I am truly looking forward to the 2011-2012 season (along with the upcoming NCAA Tournament of course).

For some reason it almost feels like another chapter is turned and life goes on. I am so thankful for the prayers and relationships that have been strengthened during this season. I love this shot of my mom below that I took at the last basketball game, it just reminds me of a look of confidence in her eyes (of course she is looking at my dad who is out of the shot). Maybe next year Auburn will be able to build on this year, either way I look forward to cheering them on.

Auburn Basketball Season Starts on Friday

Once again we have come to the start of another basketball season here on the Plains, except this year, we have a new coach with Tony Barbee and a brand new arena, the Auburn Arena.  Last night they played their last exhibition game against Columbus State, and while it was a great game to watch, Auburn lost with a missed tip-in at the buzzer. It could be a long season but we are still looking forward to each game coming up.  The photo of the day was taken from the game last night.  War Eagle.

The New Auburn Arena Opens for Basketball Soon

Photo of the day today is the entrance to the new Auburn Arena, scheduled for it’s first grand opening on October 15th. Basketball season is just around the corner, can’t wait. We have been looking forward to the new Auburn Arena opening for years now and we are just getting our first look at the inside, it’s so shiny and new, should be a fantastic venue for a basketball game.

Auburn Tigers Football A-Day Game Photos for 2010

So today was Auburn’s annual crazy day football game in the middle of Spring (A-day or Aday game) when everyone comes to see the new team and all that. The last few years it has been who can get more fans to a game in the middle of Spring while playing each other, Auburn or Alabama. I think this time Alabama gets the crazy award for having the most fans show up, and for ESPN to broadcast it they must get an additional crazy award themselves.

The highlight this year was not actually the football but the fact that we were able to get in to the new Basketball arena, the Auburn Arena as it is so called. This basketball season is one that many of us have been waiting for, for years, and this 2010-2011 season is set to open in a brand new $100 million (give or take) arena. Sorry the photos are so low-res, all I brought with me for some reason was my cell phone. The last photo of the construction area is still my favorite so far this year.

It was still really great to get to see the new arena in person. Can’t wait for the first basketball game.

Auburn Tigers Basketball vs Kentucky Wildcats Tonight

Auburn vs Kentucky Basketball

Auburn Basketball vs Kentucky

Auburn Basketball vs Kentucky

Auburn Basketball vs Kentucky

Auburn Basketball vs Kentucky

Auburn Basketball vs Kentucky

This is a shot of the last time Auburn played Kentucky at home. As usually, every time Kentucky comes into Auburn it is a big deal, but unfortunately, our record against Kentucky isn’t very good over the past 10-15 years.