Labor Day Monday Photo With a Bike Uganda Style

This Labor Day was a glorious day. It rained almost all day today due to Tropical Storm Lee pounding up from the Gulf Coast. For those of us fortunate enough to be able to take at least part of the day off today it was wonderful. For a few shorts minutes this morning I was able to sit on my patio and watch the rain and do nothing. It was great, but a time of solitude took me back to thinking about those in Uganda, many who labor very hard every single day. Matthew says “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (11:28), and we came across many who needed a little rest over there, as we all do everywhere. Margin is such an important thing in life. So important in fact that God put it 4th on his important list of things for us to do.

The photo above was so typical of the people we saw in Uganda. Super nice, hard working people, many moving goods from one place to another, by foot. I had never seen so many crazy things being moved around on a bike and moped; like a full sofa, a coffin, a refrigerator, and all kinds of agricultural goods. At some point I’ll do a post with just photos of things we saw people carrying on bikes, for now, this guy is my honorable labor day photo. Something like 50-75 pounds of trees being pushed up a hill in the mud, pretty incredible.

Photos of the 4th of July Fireworks in Auburn

Yes, I know I’m a little late with the fireworks pics but oh well. The fireworks in Auburn were good as always, the only thing that just kills me every year is they don’t go high enough in the sky to get up over the power lines, and I have tried different locations every year. You can see from the grande finale shot above that Alabama Power just had to be front and center, otherwise, I love the shot. Each year they do this outdoor festival thing, which is more akin to thousands of people sitting around in the park waiting for the fireworks, but it is a great opportunity to shoot. It’s always a good show but hours of waiting and fighting the traffic afterwards for 10 minutes of fireworks has me thinking we might try a new show next year. Boston Pops would be cool.

Baby Luke and the Mother To-Be Maternity Shoot

Yes my son and daughter-in-law are expecting, this coming September (so is my sister Sarah for that matter, and within about a week of each other, and yes, they are both Sara(s)’ssssesss…). While they were down here for their Disney vacation we got a very quick, and very hot and humid, photo shoot with the whole family. William, our grandson, is really looking forward to his new baby brother Luke and he was very patient to stand there and get his photo taken over and over again. I would really liked to have done some photos with the Graflex 4×5 but it was just too hot for anyone to stand outside for more than 5 minutes at a time. Everyone is back up in Colorado where the air is thin and the humidity doesn’t go above single digits but we were so glad we got to see everyone while they were on vacation.

This Was Kid Weekend on the Farm with the Camera

We had so many different families out on the farm collectively this weekend it was hard to keep track of who was who and what everyone was doing. I know what I was doing, taking the photos. Pictured above is William Fillmer (my grandson), Martha and Abby Marchio (two of my nieces), and Maddie Metteer (my grandcousin?). It was great fun getting to take their photos all weekend since I don’t really ever get a chance to practice my photography on the little ones.

The Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art :: Photos

After shooting in Auburn for more than five years now I had never been over to the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art, and it was quite nice. They were very gracious to allow me to shoot in the non-art areas of the museum and the architecture made for some great shots. I would have loved to have gone in with my tripod and been able to really setup and get some details in each room but maybe another time when they need some shots for the city or something. Anyway, if you are in Auburn it’s a nice quiet place with some very nice pieces and I finally got to use my fisheye lens on some clean walls.

4th of July Fireworks Video from Auburn Alabama

Each year we usually go see the fireworks put on by the city of Auburn, and this year they were worth the wait.  I wanted to post a very quick video of the finale, in part for a friend of mine who didn’t come out to see the fireworks saying he would prefer to watch them on the computer, so here they are.  I also wanted to test the video quality of my iPhone while shooting at night, not bad video for a phone.  Too see the full 720p HD version change the resolution below or click on the video.

Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend.

Middle of the Road and the Yellow Line :: Friday Feet

Double Yellow Line on Road

Double Yellow Line on Road

Double Yellow Line on Road

Double Yellow Line on Road

Double Yellow Line on Road

On a side note, we will be at the Ole Auburn Ale House (who is in serious need of a new website, sorry) in Auburn tonight to listen to Rob and Jen with Martha’s Trouble, if you are in the area stop in and say hi.

This turned out to be one of the nicest days in months with a beautiful 75° sunshine with nice puffy white cumulus clouds and a soft breeze.  I must read hundreds of blogs each week and hardly ever read them talking about the weather.  Makes me wonder if I should just skip that as not relevant material to my blog or wonder if no one can take the time any more to appreciate a beautiful day… either way, it was gorgeous outside today.  Being that today was Friday and was a great day to be outside, I ended up doing one of my more bazaar photos shoot requests I have had lately.  More of a stock photo / image request, but the request was for “road” shots.  It did end up being a good exercise in depth of field, and it’s always a good day when I can get out and do some photography.

Double yellow line photos and pics with some shots that could be turned into a brush or two in Photoshop.  Not a bad idea.  I looked at many of the Google images available on double yellow line photos and none were from around here and if you are looking to be middle of the road in the south, there were not many options.  Now there are a few more.

It is really hard to get creative with a double yellow line and make it look good but I gave it a go and today I choose a few different middle of the road pics for Friday Feet.  I am sure there is some to the “middle of the road” on this but I’ll use it down the road.  Which feet shot do you like the best?  Yes, they were both taken by me, unassisted.

Dinner at Locos Grill in Auburn :: Friday Feet

Loco's Auburn Alabama

Today ended up being a very rainy day in Auburn and since Deb and I got back from Catalyst One Day around midnight last night, we didn’t end up going anywhere for Friday Feet this week other than dinner.  We went to one of our favorite local places, Loco’s (also a favorite with college students).  Crazy as it is, we are actually have a slight chance of snow here tomorrow night.  I can’t recall it ever snowing down here, but it’s actually in the forecast.

I was so beat from Catalyst One Day today that I didn’t get much of a chance to edit any of the images from Thursday but they are coming soon.  In the mean time, I am going to get a little farther down the road on Tony Morgan’s new book, Killing Cockroaches.  So far so good and although some may not like the format of the book, I love it being that it is written in short small blog-like articles and as such, reads pretty fast.  Have a nice weekend everyone, look for some Catalyst photo posts coming up soon.  Here are a couple of random pics for Friday Feet this week.

Loco's Auburn Alabama

Patio Lights