How to Create a Twitter Favorites RSS Feed

twitter-rss-birdIf you haven’t had time to get into Twitter yet you might want to jump over there and do a Twitter crash course before you read this post, but for others who are already knee deep in Twitter, how effectively are you using this great service?  There are so many aspects to Twitter that can be utilized that the deeper I go in Twitter the more I find.

One thing I started really using lately is the “favorites” feature on Twitter.  If you haven’t given this much thought, the favorites feature is a great way to start to bookmark those really great posts you see and don’t want to forget.  Once you start to mark tweets as favorites (or star them) you need some good way to get back to the information at some point.  I was marking the posts on Twitter I didn’t want to forget but never went back to look at them.  So, this is how you can take the Twitter favorites and pull the RSS feed from Twitter into your favorite RSS feed reader.


First thing you want to do is start marking your favorite tweets.  You can do this in TweetDeck or in the basic browser application by clicking on the star icon when you mouse over a tweet.  Then, follow these steps below to start pulling your Twitter favorites feed (if you want the short version just read step 1 and that should do it).

1. Create the Twitter Favorite Feed in RSS Reader

This doesn’t seem to be published on any Twitter help pages or anywhere else, but you can grab your favorites feed (or anyone else’s for that matter) by using the address:[insert_your_ID_here].rss , so to pull an rss feed of my twitter favorites, you would place the url  Just drop this url in your feed reader and it works just like any other feed.

For more information on actually pulling RSS feeds from Twitter that are posted by Twitter (that would be the friends timeline, profile page, @replies page, and the home page, you can visit How do I find my Twitter rss feed? from Twitter support.  You can also read an older post of my called Add Value to Your Blog, Offer an RSS Feed in Reverse if you really want to look at some different rss feed stuff.

If you question after reading this is what in the world is an RSS feed Brad Ruggles has compiled some of the popular how-to YouTube videos on what is an rss feed, twitter, and blogs.  You can see that here.

2. Make Your RSS Feed Public (optional step)

You can now use it in any way you would use a normal rss feed.  So do some cool things with it like make it a public feed or as a blogroll on your site.  You can see the results below, those are live and updated as I mark items as favorites.


You can do this (if you use Google Reader) by going to the “manage feeds” link in your reader, then choosing the tag where you placed the rss feed to be public, then either choose to “add a clip to your site” or “add a blogroll to your site” and it will give you a piece of code to use where ever you like. The list below is my last 5 favorites (when they are placed in your RSS Reader they won’t clip after a certain number of characters like they do below).

3. Use What You Have Created

One reason to use the favorites options is to mark the genius in Twitter.  There is a lot of information to be gained from Twitter, but it isn’t really from Twitter, it is from the people who post to Twitter.  Many people take the time to post very useful information and actually create value in their 140 characters.  You can find new websites, new ideas, new ways of doing things that you may not have ever thought about before seeing them on Twitter.

Update March 2011

Obviously much have changed in the way twitter functions over the last few years, but I think you will find this information still relavant and useful. Another great post on the subject can be found over at ProfHacker called Managing Twitter Feeds as well.

23 thoughts on “How to Create a Twitter Favorites RSS Feed

  1. Before a few days ago I had been using Feedburner to make a grand RSS of my Favs on Twitter. Though this doesn’t actually change that, I’m wondering if you’ve tried FAVRD at all?

    I wrote a little synopsis of it. Basically it has opened my eyes to the potential that Favorite Twitter posts can hold. I’d love to hear if you’ve used this or what other things you’ve used your Favorites for..

    gregs last blog post..BizCamp – Spring 2009

  2. Hi, I set this up to manage my twitter favorites, but it’s only showing the ones marked since I created it, nothing before that date. Is there a way to get the older ones at all? Thanks!

    1. Perhaps it is the feed reader you are using? I didn’t have an issue like that using Google Reader but that is the only rss reader I tried this with, and yet, all my feeds showed up, sorry?

  3. at one point i learned how to set up rss feeds using my topical twitter searches, but i’ve since forgotten how to do it. any suggestions?

  4. Disclaimer: I am not a computer person.

    Does anyone know how to set up an RSS feed (or something like that) for key words that I am searching for? And to have it be limited to a geographical area?

  5. I’m getting an error when importing this feed into Google Reader (

    Feed url looks good in Firefox but Google says “The feed being requested cannot be found.”

    Any thoughts?

  6. I was having “feed not found” issues in Google Reader and Feedburner, then I tries adding https:// instead of http:// and it worked.
    Worth a try.

  7. Good stuff… I have a question though, the twitter “favorites” RSS feed doesn’t leave links active in the tweet – like hashtags, short URLs and usernames. This wouldn’t be annoying if the twitter “search” RSS feed did the same thing… it doesn’t… all the links are active. Any ideas..?

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