Happy Birthday Jacob!

How great to be a 7 year old boy!

I would like to wish Jacob a very happy birthday today. Jacob is a happy guy who loves the Lord and loves farm life.

As many of you know Chris bought Abby some ducks for her birthday. Well, if you missed hearing about it let me just conclude that the ducks have a new home. We don’t know where… they only stuck around for a few hours and then ran off looking for greener pastures. Had I known they were going to do that I would have simply chopped off their heads and landed them a home in the deep freeze to await pekin duck dinner after church on Sundays for the next month.

Well, Jacob requested some new ducks for his birthday. He asked for baby ducks that would learn to like us and not run away. Chris went back to the duck farm in search of baby ducks for Jacob. (He was also on the look out for the last 4 we bought. Chris theorizes these were homing ducks that promptly returned to the farm and were sold to the next sucker that came along in a duck running scam)!

He didn’t exactly come home with baby ducks. We think these are more like teen-aged ducks. (Lets hope they have more brains). But we think they are rather cute. Jacob chose the brown one for himself and distributed the rest amongst the siblings. Jacob named his Brownie. Gabriel’s is Mac (smallest white duck- tries to bite everyone). Abby and Martha’s are the other white ones: Quacker and Flower. I named Isaac’s Duncan (small black and white- always dunking his head in the water bucket) and Chris named Levi’s: George. (Don’t ask).

We have managed not to lose the goats yet. (Lucy made several escapes on 4th of July). Chris has outfitted them with some new toys from the “junk free for the taking” stash at work.

Goats love to climb things and they also don’t like to get their feet wet. After Hurricane Dennis it is good to stay dry and get a good view of the landscape from atop a spool. I’m assuming she is not up there plotting her next escape attempt!

Blessings to all from the Marchios!

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jacob!

  1. Happy birthday Jacob!!! The ducks look awesome!We are having our own bit of a heatwave right now. Today in Stockton it is going to be 105. We are getting ready to send Erich off to Basic Training in Lachland AFB Texas. Is that year you, Scott and Debbie? He will be going through Basic Training until Sept. 8 and we will fly out to see him graduate and stay with Rob’s friend who was the best man at our wedding.Our Shasta Holiday was awesome! We spent a lot of time on the lake, swimming and the kids did waterskiing and tubing. (I tubed but did not waterski – I’m hopeless at it!) We went with another family and that made it even more fun. I really want to go back again. We are talking about saving our money for a houseboat next year. It’s so beautiful and peaceful.Rob left for Kiev, Ukraine, Monday morning. Please pray for his safe return! He is so excited to be there because he’s been studying that area for his WW2 history since I’ve met him. He emailed me that he could hardly believe he was there. I’m going to send him this blog address- maybe he can send us an update while he is there! (He’s there in his final days as a military man – his last day at work is on July 29 and he retired officially Oct. 31. This give him time to look for a new job full time.)Who can I send pictures to so you can post them? It would be fun for the cousins to see pictures of the California connections!Have a great day and stay cool…love you all!LoveLinda

  2. Happy Birthday to Jake from Aunt Debbie and Uncle Chris. WOW! 7 years old – you’re practically ready to vote!Loved the pictures of the ducks and goats. Hopefully these ducks will stay around. I see they’re penned up so perhaps they’re getting used to the farm and they’ll call it home soon.We’re still busy redoing the master bedroom. Almost done. Stephen will begin ripping up the old floor in the downstairs bathroom this week before he goes back to Seattle to do more painting. I think he leaves Tuesday for that.Have a great day, everybody. Stay cool. We’re having a little heat wave here in Oregon, too. It’s supposed to be in the mid 80’s!!!Love, Aunt Debbie

  3. Happy Birthday Jacob!!! Hope the ducks like their new home, they look quite happy.Lots of Love, Michelle

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