Jordan-Hare Stadium Night Photo Auburn 21 LSU 26

Auburn vs LSU 2008 at Jordan-Hare

What an incredibly long day to end in a loss to LSU. It was a stunning end to the game and as fans left the stadium they had a dazed look of what just happened. I stopped to take several shots of the fans exiting Jordan Hare stadium and then went up on top of the parking deck and got this shot. To date this is probably my favorite shot of Jordan Hare.

The lights still flooding the field and a sea of people walking away like drones with no excitement or enthusiasm that we have come to expect.  What an interesting day to say the least.  More shots to come.

4 thoughts on “Jordan-Hare Stadium Night Photo Auburn 21 LSU 26

  1. Great composition – allowing the building to be so visible and still having all the people in focus. You have captured the atmosphere after a game, the hurry back to the parking spot, the joy (or depression!) after a good game (or not so good…)
    Well done

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