Cold Day of Code and Godin's Tribes :: Friday Feet

Scott Reading Tribes

Scott Reading Tribes

Today was supposed to be a day off but it was so cold outside today that I ended up just looking at code all day long (which was better than going outside).  So I took my friday feet photo today of what I had planned on doing today, sitting back and reading a book.  That didn’t happen but I was able to get moving on a few blogs and website development projects (the shoes in the pic are just for effect since each week I am wearing the same shoes).

I am in the middle of reading two books right now, Tribes and Unleashing The Idea Virus, both written by Seth Godin (his blog).  Some how I ended up reading both of these books at the same time.  Unleashing The Idea Virus was written first and Tribes is making more sense after reading some of Idea Virus.  I will be posting a review of one or both once I get through reading them, but so far they are both excellent.

I am about to finish my first two full months at the church and now I am really starting to get into the grit of my position.  Once the new website is launched over the next week or two it will really be a start to what I hope is going to be a strong Internet presence in the months and years to come for the church.  I am really excited about how it is starting to come together, and today I spent a good bit of time getting to know the code a little better.

After looking at coding for about 12 hours Deb and I went out to eat at a (very) local restraunt called Good ‘Ol Boys.  Tomorrow the Auburn Basketball team takes on Vandy in the next SEC matchup for the Tigers.  Doesn’t look like it is going to be any warmer, some are actually calling for snow on Monday night, yikes.

4 thoughts on “Cold Day of Code and Godin's Tribes :: Friday Feet

  1. Had a fun few exchanges with Seth online. Apparently he has no time to think about God and didn’t want to discuss faith. But somehow he ended up speaking at Catalyst this year. What a really odd culture we live in, lol. Very intelligent guy. Praying for him for sure.

    Gabe Tavianos last blog post..The light is too bright

  2. @gabe yep, he is a very interesting person when it comes to the Church. I have read his blog forever but was first able to see him in person at Catalyst08. He seems to have a lot of people in the Church that are friends of his, so he may only talk seriously on those matters to his inner circle.. I makes so many references to the Church in his books and on stage, but he references everything else too.

    I think the reception he was given at Catalyst08 was great, and he was able to see the Church body as a more “normal” and less judgmental part of the world.

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