7 thoughts on “How Buyers Can Suspend or Cancel Amazon Marketplace Seller Accounts in 5 Easy Steps

  1. I have reviewed Amazon seller guidelines 100 times and I am not sure that this seller guidelines works equally for everyone, I know many seller up there and I know exactly what they sell, Amazon simply profile people. I know many sellers has more than one account
    Most video game seller has import games, import video games supposed to not list on Amazon
    Galactic and bargainstations operated by one republican women
    CDromUSA and Geekwhosaler operated by Korean people
    Inetvideo and hubbagames operated by one Jewish guy
    Hitgaming sell %90 import games

    For example if you are selling a book which talks about Israel negatively, most likely your account will be locked, Jeff Bezos will not allow anyone to sell this book or you get lower search
    (for example Jim carter )
    Jeff Bezos is big Jewish and he specifically target Muslim seller on Amazon
    Amazon has technology that can check your ancestry
    If you have problem Amazon just go ahead file a case with American arbitration association
    Finally there are no rules or regulation for seller on Amazon selling on Amazon depends on your religion and your ancestry

  2. amcik jeff – What you’ve written is the stupidest, most dishonest thing I’ve ever read on the internet, and I can honestly say it comes from a complete case of total hatred. I feel sorry for you. “Amazon has technology that can check your ancestry” – care to show even a shred of proof? STOP THE HATRED! Just because you hate yourself doesn’t mean you need to go around hating everyone else.

  3. amcik jeff: You’re an idiot. There is no software that checks your ancestry. Your comment is the biggest crock of s**t I’ve read online in quite some time. There are plenty of rules and regulations on Amazon for 3rd party sellers. That specifically is why you can expect better service from sellers on Amazon than on eBay. That specifically is also why eBay is frantically adopting every single one of Amazon’s policies and applying them to the ebay sellers.

    1. Amazon is not good to people in major competion with them selling on their site. I have the proof but Im about to close my account while I can mayb break away clean from them

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