We Are Officially Amazon Book Sellers Now that We Have Inventory

We have been slowly wading through the books and posting them for sale. Problem is that when you list them for sale you have to house them somewhere until they sell. Here is our temporary solution. Yes, free postal supplies come in handy for more than just shipping. We really could have used a two car garage.

At some point we will have to get an outside building or unit for the book inventory or keep the books held in inventory at this level. There just isn’t any more room anywhere but for now this will work. The bookshelves seem to be a little wobbly but we have them tied off in several areas. So I am not sure if this is what a typical amazon seller looks like, I don’t recall seeing photos of any of our fellow amazon sellers on their own blogs, but this is what this amazon seller looks like.



The sorting order was something we worked on for a while and have not come to any great conclusion as to what is best and easiest for pulling.  Right now they are all in alphabetical order by title (which isn’t easy at all with books that have multiple titles).  This may change as we move along but I hate changing the pulling order after the fact, it just takes a long time.

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