Bloggers Meetup at Catalyst in Atlanta Blogger08 :: Photos

For those of you wondering if that was it at far as photos go from Catalyst, hang on, I am trying to get through the edit from the 2-3 days I was in Atlanta and will post more as I can get to them.  In the mean time, one really event we were able to attend while we were there was the Atlanta Bloggers Meetup, Blogger08, after the sessions were over on Thursday.  About 60 bloggers met at the Leaping Leprechaun, a restaurant just about in the parking lot of the arena.

I wish I had a chance to get around to meet everyone that was there, but I spoke with several bloggers I had not met before and had a great time.  Brad Ruggles was the host, you can see him in the group shot in the lower right corner.  We shared a nice meal with Ryan (who posted some great pics of this dinner, see Back in the Nati…) Jennifer Schuchmann (blog) who wrote Six Prayers God Always Answers (and got one of her new books too).  I also met David Daniels and another great photographer from Portland (I actually met two from Portland), Jordan Chesbrough, among many other people that night.  We had even had Zac doing card tricks.  Here are a few photos from the evening.

Blogger08 Meetup in Atlanta

Blogger08 Meetup in Atlanta

Blogger08 Meetup in Atlanta

Blogger08 Meetup in Atlanta

3 thoughts on “Bloggers Meetup at Catalyst in Atlanta Blogger08 :: Photos

  1. From all that I have read, this trip sounds like it was just amazing. And your pics are fantastic… I am still just in awe of your pics… anyway… and just having some fun… does the following quote from your post mean you classify yourself as great… “and another great photographer from Portland, Jordan Chesbrough…”


  2. @Michael, thanks… I think I should have clarified that a bit better… I met two photographers from Portland, both were there to shoot Catalyst, so no, not a self plug at all 🙂

  3. Oh man Scott! Are you ever talented!! Your pictures are absolutely amazing? Can I get you to do my next set of head shots? So great to hang out with you at the bloggers meeting. I am docking this website so I can come back and look often!

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