All Things Work for God's Good, Romans 3:1-8

Glorify God Whiteboard
This is my installment for the Blogger Small Group post on Romans chapter 3:1-8. There is always time for anyone to join in if they like (see Blogger Small Group Rules/Guidlelines). Right now we are several weeks into the group, which started in James.

No need to try and catch up, just start in the same place we are and post your opinions.

This week we are studying a smaller section of the third chapter of Romans. We left off last week with a discussion on sin and judgment (see my post Blogger Small Group, Romans 2) and Paul picks up where he left off.

A Little Background on Romans 3:1-8

In this section Paul is focusing on the Condemnation Because of their Unbelief or also referred to as All the World Guilty. Paul goes through and asks and answers an obvious question left over from Chapter 2.

3:1 What advantage, then, is there in being a Jew, or what value is there in circumcision?

This would have been the obvious question in his reader’s mind up to this point. Why bother then. His answer of course was that the Jews were given a huge responsibility with being entrusted (past tense) with the very words of God.

This can mean the entire Old Testament scripture or more likely means the Jews were given the promises and commands of God (which they did not stand up to).

Sin Enhances the Kingdom of God, Romans 3:5-8

This is a very interesting section to me. Paul goes through the argument that some people question that Paul is actually arguing that the more sin in ones life, the more glory is given to God. Paul was accused of teaching this falsehood and he clearly states this is wrong in verse 8.

8 And why not say (as we are slanderously reported and as some claim that we say), “Let us do evil that good may come”? Their condemnation is just.

Paul is saying that we are sinners and God is going to judge sin. If God judges sin, why would we “enhance” our lives with more judgment?

All Things Work for God’s Good

When researching this study today one scripture came up that speaks to verse 8 and that is 2 Corinthians 5:10 (below). It is true that all things work for the good of God’s kingdom, as shown in Romans 8:28, (something to look forward to in this study), so does that mean that God uses sin for his “good”? Yes.

2 Cor 5:10 For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, that each one may receive what is due him for the things done while in the body, whether good or bad.

So what makes Paul correct here when his readers accusing him of teaching more sin = more glory and the end doesn’t actually justify the means. It has to do with how God gets us from one place to another. We can end up in the same place, the Glory of God, but road is different. legend consequences

The Glorify God White Board

Well, since it worked to help me understand last week, I am going to do it again this week, lets go to the white board and see if I can’t figure it out. I have found out that by doing this I actually learn something in the process just trying to figure it out in a simple way, so indulge me with a sketch.

A little more complicated than last week and if you have to explain a white board it is probably a bad one, but here there are two roads or routes we can take, by choice. Both lead to glorifying God. One takes a lot longer and is a lot more painful.

This is actually how I look at how sin has effected my life. The road sin takes us down is not a fun one, but God will correct us and bring us back to Him, at some point.

I might mention we can also find ourselves on both roads at the same time with different issues going on in our lives. If (according to the white board) we just focus on looking “up” and not over to the side where sin lays in wait, we will probably find ourselves in a much better place.

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7 thoughts on “All Things Work for God's Good, Romans 3:1-8

  1. I don’t know anyone who went the short route the first time. I love the white board though. That passage on Romans 8.28 should be a fun one.

    Great post. I’m with you.

    b/s last blog post..Romans 3.1-8

  2. According to your white board the only one who took the upward path all the time was Jesus. We are all sinners and end up taking the long path. Doesn’t correction happen after you have been broken or you see the consequences?

    Heaths last blog post..Romans Chapter 3 1-8

  3. @heath I think there are two things here, yes, Jesus was the only one who took the path of no sin, but we are capable of choosing the truth over sin at times.

    Yes, we are sinful, one sin and we are a sinful people, but we can look at two choices and decide, am I going to lie here, or tell the truth. One glorifies God, one takes the long road around.

    Do we steal this object we want or do we pay for it. It is a choice and we are not going to ALWAYS choose the path of sin, but Jesus is the only one who NEVER chose the path of sin.

    On your other point, yes, correction could come in a different place, I was trying to take the point of view from God’s angle, with judgment, he will correct us, and then……… what happens.

    From our point of view, yes, correction probably comes after we are broken. Good points.

  4. I’m diggin’ the white board…and consider yourself free to use it often.

    But I also have to say that I take the long route FAR TOO MUCH. *sigh*

    Now that I have this handy visual, though, maybe I can keep in mind just how long a road that is and opt for the TRUTH path first time out.

    JenLs last blog post..Blogger Small Group : Romans 3:1-8

  5. The white board is bomb. Sweet. I’m kinda visual anyway so that’ll work.
    I might even go as far as to say that some times the order may change a little bit when we choose sin according to GOD plan for our lives and how GOD knows how we are made and what will really get our attention to draw us closer to a right relationship.

    White board . . . tight.

    geoff bradleys last blog post..Bloggers small group: Rom. 3: 1-8

  6. I hate to just repeat what everyone else said, but seriously, the white board was great. I love the “long time” arrows. It’s so true.

    Such a great illustration of what I believe the passage was speaking at. God will always be glorified in the end, it’s our choice the route to get there and the time period we let that happen.

    Thanks for the once again awesome post.

    Kyles last blog post..Jon McLaughlin…again and again.

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