Beauregard Tornado Three Months Later

Neighbor’s House Prior to Being Razed

It’s been about three months now since the tornados hit our area in Lee County. Over the weekend I stopped and take a few images of the places I drive by every day. I could have taken thousands of images, so these are just a few on Lee Road 100 and 38. The cleanup has been truly amazing to watch. For us, outside of the city limits of Auburn or Opelika, the people in Lee County responsible cleanup did an incredible job under the worst circumstances. It was faster and better than I ever could have imagined. It is still ongoing along Highway 51 and LR 38, but it looks nothing like it did three months ago. Of course the results still look like what I perceive as a “war zone” in some spots on LR 38/39 and parts of LR 100 as you can see below. Those areas have been basically clear cut and after the mounds of debris were hauled away (in these big black barge-like-double-trailer trucks) what was left was bare ground in a place that’s normally covered in green.

These Debris Cleanup Trucks Ran 24 Hours a Day at One Point

Some of what is really amazing to see on a day by day basis are the things that have always been there since I have known life in the county, that are now completely gone. My neighbors house above was in the process of being removed on the day I took this image, the church below, which has stood for a long time, is now just an empty spot of dirt.

One of our neighbors rebuilt a fence that was destroyed, and somehow someway, I find it very artistic and beautiful. I’m not really sure if the windows he used in the fence were from storm debris but it sorta seems that way, and it’s just a very fitting reminder of what happened on March 3rd. It isn’t anything anyone out our way will forget, I’m sure of that fact.

Watoola Methodist Church at LR 100 and LR 38

The Property Where Watoola Methodist Church Once Stood

Mobile Home Flipped on it’s Side Next Door to Our House

Rebuilt Fence Along LR 100

Clearcut Property on LR 38

Clearcut Property on LR 38

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