The Spring Equinox Today with Spring is Coming to Zion :: Poem

Dogwood Flower Bloom in Spring Today is the first day of Spring (the Spring Equinox)! For some reason, a day I look more forward to each year, but this year, I wanted to commemorate the day with a poem. I make no claims whatsoever to be any kind of a decent poet (see prior attempts), but I do make attempts from time to time. This is one I started in the middle of winter, when it was dark and dreary, and all I wanted was to see some sun and a little bit of warmth in the air. I was writing in anticipation when I would be able to shoot this image above, which I took on Sunday of our Dogwood tree.

I was told off and on in photography that if you have to explain a photo it isn't very good. I'm not so sure that counts for some forms of writing, since many genres I need plenty of explanation to understand. The first half of the poem is very very loosely formed in an iambic tetrameter as my others have been, in counter rhyming verse, going back and forth between nature and scripture. The back and forth is supposed to be between our current here and now, and the second coming. Looking forward to the time of the new heaven and the new earth, a time when Christ will come back like a Spring, waiting to arrive. I think of that time much like I do Spring after a long winter, the anticipation of Christ's Second Coming after a long cold winter.

I really wanted to "finished" poem and post it on the first day of Spring, but as with life, so many things got in the way. It still feels unfinished to me, a rough start to something that needs much more work. Kind of like life. So for what it's worth, here it is:

Spring is Coming to Zion

Spring is coming, ‘or the daffodils say it’s true Spring is coming, where the frost gives way to the dew No one knows that day and hour Still light moves on in full power The bluebirds fill their boxes full Where legends of the dogwoods rule

Spring is coming, where the winter must resume it’s queue Spring is coming, for darkness is a light with you We are pure at it’s arrival At once we see him in his all The seam of light begins the prize And the meadow grass now gives rise

Spring is coming, where the night is bright as the day Spring is coming, the very stones cry out and pray The time as yet to have appeared His glory is joy and revered When pure beauty colors our eyes We know summer is set to rise

Spring is coming, so stay awake and do not snooze Spring is coming, rejoice in knowing the Good News Where the city of our God shines He will establish in the pines A beauty that has no ending And winter that has no beggining

Spring is coming now. In the city of God There is a river Where streams are made glad Though the earth gives way And the mountains tremble

Spring is coming now And is to be praised. Let creation rejoice to the ends of earth that this is our God

Spring is coming now So be still and know Our God is with us He won’t forsake us Let Zion be glad

Spring is coming, where the frost gives way to the dew Spring is coming, just for you.

If you have some favorite Spring poems I would love to read them, send them on over or leave a comment below.