Scott in the 1971 Volkswagen Camper Van :: Throwback Thursday

Yes, it is Throwback-Thursday and yes, this is me in the family Volkswagen Camper Van, a shot taken in May of 1971 when we were apparently on a trip to Colorado Springs. There are many other shots of me years later when I wanted to drive (like in 1972) where I am sitting on the drivers seat, but this should be good enough for this week. My grandmother seems to have written on the back of every single photo ever taken and the caption on the back reads

Scott has his own picnic at Pike National Forest Colorado Springs May '71

My sister hadn't come along at this point yet so I was the star of the show. I love the classic look of this van, especially the license plate. Don't remember exactly but I am pretty sure this van was very new at this point. Worth about 500 times today what they paid for it back then. Wonder if the "Roy Bridges" car dealership is still in business?