Photo Shoot and Thoughts of Thanksgiving 2009

DSC_6436-edit2-levi Thanksgiving is now long gone (and so is the food I hope) but I finally got around to editing a few impromptu photo shoots that happened over that weekend.  We often move from holiday to holiday and are "thankful" when it is time to be thankful, and "merry" when it is time for Christmas, but the spirit should remain with us year round.  This past Thanksgiving weekend was a little different in our house this year.  We were home and able to share the meal with our extended family and had a wonderful time.  I had a photo shoot with my pastor's family, my car died, and then on Thanksgiving day took a few shots of my Nieces and Nephews (I have several).

Christmas is going to be a bit strange for us as well as we make a move up to Virginia just before Christmas to continue our class work.  It will be kind of weird being in a new place during the holiday but Deborah and I are looking forward to making new friends and worshiping with new Believers.  Below are just a few shots from the Thanksgiving weekend (I am going to try to upload a few more to my flickr account).  The last shot at the bottom is my Niece Martha and my Nephew Levi, quite a pair.