Photos of Spring Wildflowers and Dogwood Blooms

Wild Flower in Bloom Wild Flower in Bloom

Wild Flower in Bloom

Spider Web in the Sunset

Dead Cedar Tree

Closeup of Dogwood Flower Bloom

The flowers around town tell us it is Springtime but for the last week or so it has been nothing but cold and rainy so last night before it got dark I did another photo walk-through in the back yard (see part 1 Backyard Dose of Spring Flowers // Photos). There were plenty of wild flowers blooming and the Dogwood trees are still in full bloom down here.  I always think that if a photo needs an explanation it isn't very good, but... the one with the sun in the middle was a spider web wrapped around a branch and the last photo is the very center of a Dogwood bloom.

If you walk around outside long enough you can always find something of beauty, even if it is actually in the eye of the beholder.