A Texas Roadhouse Dinner and a Movie :: Friday Feet

Texas Roadhouse Ebby and Scott

This week was one of the more crazy weeks in the past few months, but today Deb and I went over to Georgia and had dinner and that is my friday feet this week.  The movie in case anyone was interested is With Honors (because my friend hasn't let me borrow Dead Poets Society yet).  One thing I have been trying to get to this week was to shoot a new profile photo (you can see the finished pic here) for various avatars and networking sites.  The second shot here was when I got interrupted and Ebby joined me for the photo shoot.  She certainly did not help at all, but makes for a cute photo I guess.  Time to enjoy a few hours of Friday night and some work outside tomorrow.  Being that it is two days from official winter, it will be over 70* tomorrow, time to cut some fire wood.