I Have Now Joined the Ranks of Church IT?

I received something yesterday that I haven't received in almost 15 years (other than from myself), from a man I respect more each day as we begin to work together.  A paycheck.  It was really kind of strange actually.  Over the past almost 15 years, Deb and I have owned our own business and worked for ourselves, and pretty much worked when and where we needed to as the business dictated, until December 2008.  As of December, I have accepted a newly created position as the IT Director at Cornerstone Church, and started a new direction and routine for my household.

Joining the staff of a church, mission, or ministry and being able to serve, as a career, is something I have wanted to pursue from almost day one when I became a Believer.  As usually is the case, my timing is not always God's timing and some 15 years after making my commitment to Christ, the time and place have come together in Auburn at Cornerstone.  I have been given the general task of "Leading People to Know and Serve Jesus, through technology" and I am so excited about the opportunity to serve, have so much to learn, and can't wait to see what God has in store in the years to come.

Being an IT person, I have followed many other church IT people over the years, and now that I am a part of it, I would love to hear from or connect with other staff that are in the same position or fulfilling the same roles as I will be in the months to come. Two posts in particular that really got me thinking about what this job will eventually mold into is Zac Smith, the IT Director at NewSpring Church, The Perfect Job and this post that shows a great example of the relationship between church IT, communications, and media, Relationship between IT, Communications & Media.  I also appreciate the example Jason Powell (the IT Director over at Granger) has shown me as my wife and I prayed about this job and what possibilities IT has within the church.

Jason has taken the leadership role within the Church IT Roudtable group (and I hope to become a more active participant). There was a lot that went into this decision in my own household and a lot of it had to do with the unbelievable staff that is already in place.  I will be changing some of the ways I present my blog, (some of the topics are now going to be more related to my postion of course) with a mix of personal, photography, and work related content, so I hope you will stick around and see what else the Lord has in store.