Youth Boys Campout on the Farm :: Friday Feet

This week my Friday Feet post is a little different.  We had the boys youth group out to have a campout, cookout, and whatever else they do at that age.  Being Friday I used this opportunity to get a Friday Feet shot in with some of the guys before they ate.  It was absolutely pitch dark but those are my feet in the middle and Rusty Hutson's one foot stuck in the side, Heath to my right with socks on, and everyone else that stuck a foot in at the time.

The boys play this sort of cruel version of a game that no one over the age of 25 should play called catch the flag.  I was given the "easy" task of guarding our teams flag (this is pitch dark night at 30* by the way) and when someone came by I was to "get" them.  After several sprints, tackles, and sumersalts that this body hadn't done in a while I was exhausted.

The food was great.  They brought out some fraternity grill on a trailer and cooked all night until we were all full.  Breakfast was a different story.  I learned you need to cook a normal portion times 10 for these guys, but it was all great fun.