Thanksgiving Week on the Farm with Dad and John Deere

Larry Fillmer on the Tractor It's Thanksgiving week and that means that Auburn University classes are over for the holiday break.  For the last few years this week has been the time which my dad, Larry Fillmer, takes a few days off from work and gets on the John Deere tractor and cuts the pasture grass for the winter.  There is around 20-30 acres of actual grass to cut, so it usually takes most of the week.  Today was a bit cloudy and cold, but, it's November.  I think there are a few people in his office that read my blog so I thought I would let you know what Larry Fillmer looks like when he is not in a suit and tie on campus.

I would love to hear from those who know Larry but don't normally comment on my blog.  Can I have a caption for the photo above??