Well It's Full Speed Baby in the Wrong Direction

Deborah Fillmer

Every have hours or weeks, or months you feel like this?  To borrow a term from my wife and her knitting friends, they call it "frogging".  That refers to when you knit row after row after row and suddenly realize that you messed up 20 rows ago and have to rip all those bad rows out (can't remember why they call it frogging but I am sure someone will let me know) and start over before the place that had the error.

Anyone else love reading lyrics?  I could do a blog post centering around just about any song I like once I read the lyrics.  It makes me wonder what the artist was thinking at the time, where they are in their own life, what meaning they wanted their listeners to take away from the song and so on.  This line (well it's full speed baby, in the wrong direction) came from a song called Mary Jane by Alanis Morisette.  It got me thinking about many different things in my own life like my family, friends, work, faith... and what direction I am going in each.  What areas do I neglect, and which ones am I just totally going in the wrong direction and how do I recognize those areas before to much damage has been done (i.e. time wasted).

Time wasted has to be the enemy's biggest weapon.  Occupying our time with worthless and meaningless things so we can accomplish nothing of significance is just what (to me) wastes the most precious resource God has given us.  How much time do we spend doing things we don't need to be doing, or that doesn't make any difference?  Unfortunately we can't just spend our time doing nothing but meaningful things.  We have to do the mundane and repetitions of life, but sometimes we can just feel time wasting away for no good reason.

The photo I took of Deb above is one where we spent time together creating a memory.  I don't remember what in the world I was doing before or after that, something on the computer I am sure, but spending time with your spouse is (usually, haha) never wasted time.