Happy Halloween with Deb and Apples :: Friday Feet

Deborah with a Halloween Apple Friday Feet with Scott and Josh

Halloween Party with the Kids

It's Friday once again, Halloween, and just two days away from Daylight Savings time where on this side of the time zone (just miles from the ETZ border) it will be dark just after lunch starting Sunday afternoon.  Click Friday Feet if you are unfamiliar with my Friday post and join in.  Just post a photo of where you were standing today and leave a comment to let us know how to find your blog.

I had a quick photo shoot with the kids in their Halloween costumes (see full shoot here) and spent a good bit of the rest of the morning with a friend of mine (Josh) and his beautiful kids (here) out here on the farm.  My feet post is Josh and I in the cumc lobby on our way to lunch today.

We don't get many trick or treaters out here at our place, (especially since we are 1/2 a mile from the next house and our fence probably prohibits a visit) so I used a photo of this nice plate full of apples my mother game me yesterday from a nearby farm.  I actually got the idea of the apple photo from Brad Ruggles and his little girl (see My New Desktop Wallpaper) but he did a far better job with the color.  Just over there and tell Brad Happy Birthday.  Deb looks great, but a little more kin to Eve holding out the apple for me than Brad's daughter.  Thanks for letting me steal your idea brad.

Looking forward to some good football this weekend.  Happy Friday Halloween everyone.