View of Our House from a Tree Swing :: Friday Feet

Tree Swing in the Field This is sort of a follow up to Do You Have a Quiet and Peaceful Place to Hide? which for some reason is one of my highest traffic posts and also A Foggy Summer Morning in Auburn Alabama (both different views of the swing).  This is yet another view from our tree swing, this time looking back at my house.  This is where I ate lunch yesterday.  Sometimes when I should be going to the dog house, I just go the tree swing.  It is my quiet and peaceful place to hide, where no cell towers or wifi reaches (at the moment), just wind, trees, and birds.

Friday Feet

This also serves as the first post of what I am going to try to make in a series of posts called Feet on Friday.  A popular shot on blogs and Internet sites is that is your own feet standing somewhere.  We are all in different places every week, I thought it would be good to take the popular foot shot on Friday and post it, so this is the first one.