Dueling Church Signs and Dogs Going to Heaven

I rarely ever post an image on this blog that is not mine, but in this case I had to make an exception. Some nice person thought I needed a laugh today and sent this set of church signs over to me.  I can't even begin to address the issues involved here and just had to laugh.  I don't know whether this is pathetic or hilarious, anyone care to voice an opinion?  I do know a very predominant church in our area that has a blessing each year for pets, and many people bring their pets up to the church to be blessed and prayed over by the senior pastor. Apparently these two churches are across the road from each other on some busy street, go figure.  Don't think I have ever seen two churches go at each other like this via signage, I just had to laugh.  To see these crazy interesting church signs just click the continue link below.  I couldn't bare to post the images on the front page of my blog sorry.

Dueling Church Signs


It has been pointed out by someone far more observant than myself that these photos were photoshopped in some manner (obvious from the background of the Catholic church site).  Just one more reason I don't usually post any photos that don't come right out of my own camera, so take them for what their worth above.  My appologies for not seeing this upfront, I will certainly not use that particular source again.