Headed to Atlanta for the Catalyst Conference :: Wednesday

It is finally time and two of us from Cornerstone will be headed to Atlanta for the Catalyst 08 Conference to today.  This will be my first trip to the Catalyst Conference (see Things you don't know about Catalyst for some fun facts and a cool blog) in Atlanta and I hope to come back with some great ideas, and a good bit of photos from the two day event.  Catalyst is a leadership conference for what is the Church of tomorrow (see about), something I have been looking forward to for quite a while. As stated on the events page for Catalyst, if you are unfamiliar with the event, it is described as:

Catalyst Conference

The Catalyst Conference is the largest gathering of young leaders in the country, but it pains us to call it just a conference. Catalyst is more than just a three-day event - it's a movement, a convergence, an experience where you find yourself fully immersed in learning, worship, and creativity. Catalyst brings people together - the influencers, the do-ers, the cultural architects, and the change agents who will reclaim our communities and culture for good.  Catalyst has been described many ways but once you've experienced it, you'll call it what we call it - pure leadership adrenaline.


We are bold, vocal, and driven. We have a unique perspective of the future. We are compelled by all things excellent and passionate about participating in something big. We are intentional about doing good and believe we can make a difference. We lead, yet we humbly follow. We are diverse, yet we are one. A leader's life is by definition social. We value intentional community and long for biblical unity within the Church. The Catalyst community is like a family, which makes this event more like a family reunion. The practice of togetherness fuels love, life, and leadership. We need one another to finish well.

Twitter and other Media Forms at Catalyst

If you want to follow me along with several other people over at the conference, you can check twitter updates for me at @scottfillmer (and @hspur who is going with me) and you can also watch the twitter hash tags for #catalyst08 as they come through for everyone tagging for the conference on Twitter.  If you are not on Twitter, you can always just scroll to the bottom of this blog and watch under the "what am I doing" section, it will update live.  I already have a few blog posts ready to go out on Thrusday once some images of the day have been created and a new series post for Friday, so check back here starting tomorrow.  I might do a blog post from my phone (via an iPhone Wordpress app) if I can post without messing up the format to much.

For those who are attending the Blogger08 Meetup in Atlanta on Thrusday night, I would love to hear the bullet points of the meeting if you get a chance to send over an email to me.  I found out about it to late to sign up and now it's full.  If you get a chance, jump over to Brad Ruggles website who designed the Blogger08 Meetup (Just met Brad Ruggles last night, see his last post The Wheels On The Bus Go Round and Round who is on his way to Atlanta right now), he has some great website design elements for all kinds of applications.

I have heard from several people in the last few days who are coming to Atlanta from all over the country.  I would love to hear from you if you are going to be there, just send an email to [ scott @ scottfillmer.com ] or hit my contact page.  See you there.

Update on Blogger08 Meetup

Turns out we are going to be at the Blogger08 meeting, so if you are going to be there as well I love to hear from you between now and then so I can add your blog to my list here.  See the bloggers Thursday night!