Catalyst Conference in Atlanta Starts Tomorrow

Catalyst Conference in Atlanta hyatt in Atlanta

We made it to Atlanta and made a quick run over to the convention center to check things out.  We just happen to run into Anne Jackson from Cross Point Church in Nashville, also hosting the Catalyst 2008 Backstage blog.  It was pretty obvious once we saw the sole-2-soul suv out front, great paint scheme.  Now for the hard work, setting the alarm.  Heath was busy at work about 30 seconds after we arrived (see photo below), but the alarm is going to go off very very early tomorrow, so time to wrap it up for today.  For more info on the conference see Headed to Atlanta for the Catalyst08 Conference // Catalyst Wednesday. For now, here are two arrival shots into Atlanta, Heath (@hspur on Twitter) and a HDR (high dynamic range) image of the Hyatt.

Check back tomorrow for some photos from the conference and we also want to shout out to the team arriving back in the United States from Uganda tomorrow, welcome home guys.