Alabama in the Fall Where Sunrises are Still Beautiful

Sunrise in Alabama I don't know if I want to say this is a typical sunrise here in Alabama or not (I think they are all different every single day), but it is still beautiful. It reminds me of a calm coolish (certainly not cold yet) Saturday morning here in Alabama. Auburn plays Vanderbilt tonight, which means there is enough time to get some work done outside before the game starts. This is by far, the beginning of my favorite time of year, for a whole host of reasons.  Fall in Alabama comes late in the season compared to the rest of the country (at least down here in lower Alabama it does). The weather is just now, finally, starting to cool of in the late night and early morning hours where we can start to feel some 60's and not have to die from the heat.

This photo was taken right outside my office window (my office is the upstairs part of my house that faces east), so this basically the view from my office.  Since I face almost due east, about 10 minutes later in this photo and I will be staring directly into the sun for a few hours, but the sunrise out my window is always beautiful, and different each morning.