Drum Set from a 12mm Wide Angle Lens at Floor Level

Band Practice for Sunday Worship Band Practice for Sunday Worship

Last night I had dinner with some friends and stuck around to listen to the band practice for Sunday morning.  It is so nice to spend a little bit of time with people who are passionate about what they do (like b/, Josh and several others), because it's contagious.   If you have ever been around someone who is passionate about what they do, you will notice that it wears off on everyone around them.  The same as negativity produces negative people, so it goes with passion and positive people.

As a photographer I think you really find the look or the shot you have been looking for all along when you think you have exhausted all possible angles, focal lengths, and exposures and just sit down and stop trying.  It's at that point that you really have to start getting creative.  Sometimes when the creative juices are not flowing that can look very forced, and down right bad, then there are other times when you look at the results and think, wow, why didn't I try this all along.

Last night was one of those night, for me anyway.  I had taken a few shots of the band's practice and couldn't really find anything new and exciting so I just sat down on the stage next to the drum set and there it was.  I really had been trying to get a good shot of the drums in this particular setup for about 6 months.  I felt like raising my hands in the middle of thier set to say "I've got it!", but hey, it's just practice, right.  So here are two of my favorite shots above from last night's practice.  The first, on the drums is BJ, and the second image is Rob from Marth's Trouble (a band I have regrettably yet to shoot or see in person).  Other images from last night can be found here.

Update on Cindy Wall's Story

A story of Cindy Wall that many of you may already know at this point is continuing to make its way around the Internet.  Cindy Wall's commitment to Christ, baptism, and death in such short succession has now moved around in ways none of us who were involved could have possibly imagined.  That may show the limitations I put on God and His greatness, but it is bigger than just our congregation or church.  See some of the more recent posts from others like:

There are many other examples, and I know I have missed some important ones, but this is a good example of how her story has made it around the Internet, just an incredible story.