Is the Auburn Opelika Metro Area Really Out of Gasoline :: Photos

Auburn Opelika Out of Gas Auburn Opelika Out of Gas

Auburn Opelika Out of Gas

Auburn Opelika Out of Gas

Auburn Opelika Out of Gas

I try to not post anything on this blog that is rumors, innuendo, or guess, but for a change from a few blogs I read, base my posts on actual facts.  So, after hearing all the rumors about how the Auburn Opelika area was basically out of gas, I went to see for myself and perhaps document some actual truth, albeit from my point of view of course.  I am aware these photos will certainly not win me a Pulitzer prize but this is what is going on around here anyway.  I just love the last photo and had to take it in B&W as it really looks 1960's-ish, but was actually taken this morning.

If nothing else, it will show the rest of the world the very high quality gas pumps we still have out here in the deep south.  At least one of these is pre-1980's I think, since the BP can not list their price in dollars/gallon because it does not have a number three (3) or a number four (4) it can use on the pump price (they have it read $.42 for $4.20 a gallon and do the math at the register, very interesting to watch).

So what were the actual results for me on this little experiment?  I went to 7 of the local gas stations that are in the immediate radius to my house (I am quite a bit out of the center of Auburn proper), all gas stations I frequent week to week.  Out of the 7 stations, 5 stations (seen above) were out of gas on at least one or all of their pumps.  Most had some of the highest grade unleaded available, but a few were totally out.  The three that had gas available, one of those stations when I visited yesterday were totally out on all pumps so they must have received a shipment (that was a Liberty station).  The other two were obscure stations I don't "normally" go to but did have gas.

What about the prices.  The prices were about the same as yesterday, which was about $.50 per gallon higher than on Thursday, but, most of all these stations did not receive another shipment which would be the increased price.  I spoke with one owner of the local BP station and he told me once they receive their next shipment the price would be significantly higher (whatever that means).

Does that mean the Auburn Opelika area is out of gas, well not really, they are just dealing with supply issues (according to the owner of the local BP station) coming out of Montgomery Alabama.  What is apparent to me is how fragile our energy supply systems really are in this country.  I will note that from the information above, you can get gas in the Auburn Opelika area.  It may not be your first choice or your perferred price per gallon, but you can find gas if you look, it wasn't too hard to do.  Don't think anyone really cares on this particular day anyway, people are more concerned about whether Auburn is going to beat Mississippi State or the Crimson Tide is going to roll over Western Kentucky in Bryant-Denny Stadium tonight.  Who cares about the price and availability of gas right now, it's football Saturday.