Some Mornings the Sunrise is Like Fire in the Sky

House in morning sunrise over the farm This photo is pretty much the view from my bedroom window. Most mornings I wake up and see the sunrise with very little color, some days though, there are unbelievable colors in the sky, and this is what I saw this morning.  Color like this doesn't happen very often, and most times it is gone before I can run up and grab my camera.  Today, it was so beautiful, I had to run outside with my camera to capture the sunrise, and I am glad I did.  (I try to remind myself, rarely if ever do I make the effort to get out my camera, and later am sorry I did.)

The last few days we have had a nice cover of clouds from all the different topical storm systems in the southeast, and it made for a beautiful sunrise this morning.  This sunrise photo was taken about 60 minutes ago of my parents house (about a quarter of a mile away), about 50 feet from my back door.  The morning colors change very very fast.  Today, one minute it was a deep dark red color and just 30-90 seconds later, it turned into an orange fire and I managed to take what is shown below.