Auburn Tigers Football vs Louisiana Monroe Game Photos

Auburn Football vs Louisiana Monroe Auburn Football vs Louisiana Monroe

Auburn Football vs Louisiana Monroe

Auburn Football vs Louisiana Monroe

Football has started all over the country and this past Saturday was Auburn's first home game of 2008 vs University of Louisiana Monroe, and it was a 34-0 win.  It was football in the south.  Game day tailgating and all the hoopla that goes along with everything football in Auburn.  There was only one offensive touchdown in the entire game (see photo gallery) and I happen to get a photo of the catch in the end zone.

Auburn football is of course more than just the game itself.  There is a lot of craziness that goes on in the days leading up to the game, and just before the game itself.  Below you will see a few of the images of game day on a typical home game in Auburn.  Thank goodness this was a night game so we all didn't fry (that comes next week).  Being a night game, it game me a chance to take some images of the stadium at night with the lights.  I think night photography always has a little extra something.  With available light photography, you can always get something great with the lights.

In order these are a wide angle shot of Jordan Hare Stadium from the south west corner upper deck, next is the normal ticket exchange that goes one, then the traditional Auburn raptor, a Golden Eagle, and the Auburn drum section of the band.  There were several other images of Tiger Walk that are included.  Next week should be HOT as the game starts at 11:30am.  Don't know if I will even want to bring my camera, but if I do I will post some images of the game here next week.