Gustav and Hanna Looking for a Place to Land

These two storms look like they could really do some damage once they reach the U.S. coast.  Right now both are predicted to reach hurricane status over the weekend and then hurricane Gustav looks like it will go to the Louisiana side and hurricane Hanna the Florida side. Sorry no photography posted other than the hurricane graphic, I will get back to posting some images soon.

On an interesting note.  I work with domain information and registrations and often buy domains for my personal or business use.  Did you know that all hurricane domain names have been purchased by speculators through the end of the current hurricane name cycle. Right now, hurricane names are release up to the 2013 hurricane season.  If you take that list and look at some of the unique names on the list, then compare them to registered domain names (like, you can systematically go through the list and see they are already reserved as far out as 2013.

Domain names are the last relestate frontier, and most are worthless, unless you actually want to use one for your name, business, or product.  Some Karen out there might be a windy kind of gal and want the domain hurricanekaren, but your name is on the list for 2013, so sorry, you missed that one.