Encounter at Auburn University on Thursday's

Last night I went to see Encounter perform at Auburn University, which is part of Grace Campus Ministries. I usually don't post two similar blog post on my two blogs, but I know I have some readers that only read this blog, and some that only read my photo blog. For photos, see Grace Campus Ministries with Encounter on my photo blog, or see the full gallery here. Encounter starts each fall semester and meets Thursday nights at 8:30 in the Student Activities Building on the campus of Auburn University. I went in to the photo shoot with a little hesitation not really knowing what to expect, and left thinking, wow, where was something like this when I was in college.

One of the things I love about college students is the electricity, energy, and excitement they bring with them. Their excitement for worship is not something I experienced in college, but it is contagious, and breeds its own energy.

The story of course is not about the band (which really rocks the house), or the leadership staff at Grace, or the lights, but the students. Being able to share the Gospel with them, minister to them in their specific environment and circumstances, and offer them a place of comfort with the Lord is something special.