Creative Chaos 21 // If I Had a Million Dollars Money Series

This is my post for Creative Chaos // 21 (see also guidelines) over at Ragamuffin Soul for this week. I have skipped a few weeks for this post but wanted to pick it back up again, there are always so many great ways people worship, and this is one way to see what other churches are doing.

The Inevitable Money Series

For this week, I have a quick post about the current series at our church. If you spend enough time in church, inevitably you will run into a series on money. If you don't, perhaps you should ask yourself why your church hasn't visited the most talked about topic in the bible. It is a topic we don't always like to hear preached about, but something that is important to hear. So for 4 weeks, our church is going the money series, but they wanted to keep it light and fun. So the series is called "Cha-ching" and the music worship leader (see his blog here) picked some great music.

The music is the creative chaos for this post. The first week, he started off with Pink Floyd's Money, and for week two, the band opened with If I Had a Million Dollars by the Bare Naked Ladies (although they didn't mention the group name in the service).

Music doesn't always have to be a hymn to bring people into the mindset of the current series and to have the ability to play a culturally relevant song is something not all churches will allow their worship leaders to do, great job Brian... I still can't get get that last song out of my head.