What's in a Wordle on The Damascus Blog?

I thought I would start off with something light hearted for the week here on The Damascus Blog, and then I came across wordle again. If you haven't seen or used a Wordle yet, it can be very interesting and a little eye opening. I have looked at these now and then but I always try to guess what my most used word will be, and I never seem to be able to get it right, and I wrote every word. [As created on Wordle]

The Wordle Tag Cloud

The word cloud below is a comprehensive look at this blog in total by the words I use (click on the image to see it full size on Wordle). I only wish it was clickable to each word, but perhaps next time. So what stands out in my cloud?

For my faith blog, is it the word Jesus, or faith, or Christ, no, this go around, it is the word time. Also appropriate to me since I think time is so important, but I did not know it was my most used word on this blog. Others of note wedding, think, life, Christian, read, and can.

What Does Wordle Say About our Words

What wordle does that I find very interesting, is that it doesn't lie (it a computer how can it).  The randomness of my words, put in the format I chose, and I find that the small words little and God are in order right on top of each other (lower right), and the word Jesus?

Our church did a series a while back on how we use our words. I love the Wordle, it reminds me once again how our words are used, how important they are, and also what is small or absent in our vocabulary.  Does this translate into our heart, or into our lives.  Well I am not going to make the leap from Wordle to life just yet but it does point out to me what may or may not have importance.

The word Jesus shows up on this wordle, in the very lower left hand corner in tiny little text.  Should be front and center on this tag cloud, bigger than everything else?  I have actually used the name Jesus less, and He, or Him, or Creator more in total, and some times by design for specific reasons, so I don't think Wordle quite tells the whole story.

What does your wordle say about your blog?