Speed If You Must :: Quips

This is my weekly Sunday post for Quotes and Quips that I put over in the sidenotes section of my blog. I try for something light hearted and short on Sunday's as the weekend winds down. Seeing that my last post just a few minutes ago was anything but, I wanted to share this poem with you. My mother-in-law clipped out many different quotes she liked over the years. Being a music director in church most of her adult church life, this sounds like her.

Speed If you Must

If you must speed on the road, sing these hymns loudly; at 45 mph... "God Will Take Care of Me" at 55 mph... "Guide Me O Great Jehovah" at 65 mph... "Nearer My God to Thee" at 75 mph... "Nearer Still Nearer" at 85 mph... "This World is not My Home" at 95 mph... "Lord, I'm Coming Home" at 100 mph... "Precious Memories"

I hope you got a chance to relax a little bit this Sunday.