Fred Phelps Hiding Under the Walls of the Church

I couldn't decide to title this post what I did, or Yes, We Should Pray for Tim Russert, but I had to post something because this just made me mad. I did a post a while back called Why Pray for Senator Ted Kennedy, and Tim Russert (and his family) is no different. I don't want to give this "church" (I say that in quotes because they have never represented my faith and belief in Christ) any more publicity (links) than they have been given on other blogs, but this organization (Westboro Baptist "Church") claims all the same Baptist traditions that any other church here in the south claims, they are just hiding under the label of the denomination, and the banter of God's sacred Church Body.

Not only do they run many many hate filled website, but they have a hate driven blog (which does not allow any comments or discussion on their posts, at least as far as I know), and their "pastor" Fred Phelps is well know for his God Hates American and God hates [fill in the blank]. I am sorry to say, but organizations like these and what Fred Phelps has done over the years using the Christian faith disgusts me. Their group is not new to me at all, they make the news all the time (that is their purpose really), but they are so filled with hate that I really find no difference in this organization and the terrorist who hide under Islam.

This was their "press release" on the death of Tim Russert.

Tim Russert Death

I didn't even personally care for Russert's show, but neither did I care for much of what Ted Kennedy has done in his life, but that has nothing to do with our faith and who we are as Christians. Tim Russert's fate has been decided, and I certainly in no way would ever try to play God and decide what that is, but his family, and many of those who loved him are still here.

These morons were to picket a whole host of events (they do this all the time) that had to do with his death. This is not the love of Christ, this is not representative of the Church Body, and I am appalled that they claim to be the same. To me, they belong where I put them in my category structure, under World Religions (i.e. false religions of our society today).

How much damage has this one church done over the years? It is, to me, a shame to see the great Gospel message of love treated in this manner. If you are a fellow blogger... PLEASE... do not link to anything on their website or blog. As tempting as it may be, anyone can Google these people and find their information, but linking to these groups only gives them more presence on the Internet. If you want to link to a story like this, do a fellow blogger a favor and link to them instead.

So, what about it? Do you find this upsetting as a Believer? Do you just figure there are always people like this so who cares? Leave a comment and discuss it here, you know how I feel about it.