An Empty Beach in Outer Banks North Carolina

Empty Beach in North Carolina Empty Beach in North Carolina

This is just one of probably 5,000 images I have of an empty beach. People often tell me they can't find any beaches without big crowds anymore, especially here in the continental U.S., but I beg to differ. More often than not, Deborah and I find ourselves on a beach with less than 10 people in a 5 square mile area.  This beach is one of our favorites.  In North Carolina you can go to the Outer Banks and find empty beach after beach.

Of course one of the keys to finding an empty beach is going when everyone else doesn't want to go.  This may sound stupid, but if you want to get a tan and lay in the sun, then go where everyone else is going.  If you are interested in walking on a place like the photo below, go in the off season, it is great.  So far, we have been able to find empty beaches in North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and some incredible ones in Alabama.

They are certainly nice places still left, you just have to look. This is one of our favorites spots, and it is usually empty all year long with white sand and no trash. It is COLD in the winter winds, but still a great place to spend an afternoon, and today, it is the image of the day.